The government has introduced courses with guidelines on marriage

Mayor Kalil Barakat Casa de Amparo provides intensive and qualified care for the homeless at the Rozina Marquez de Arruda, a newly opened municipality – to enroll these people in cultural, physical and labor activities as well as training courses.

“It’s important that they feel inspired and have every opportunity to rebuild their lives and, most importantly, that they are able to sustain themselves, but for that to happen, they must be trained in a certain role. You can feel it, ”assured Kalil Barakat.

Of the 20 students enrolled in the customer service course offered by Senar (National Rural Learning Service), which is being held at the headquarters of the social assistance department, seven students were welcomed by the municipality of Casa de Amparo.

Bruno Vienna Gomez was born in Rio de Janeiro and lived in Mato Grosso for five years. She says she always worked and before going out on the street she was married and had a family. “Disagreements affected my marriage, and I suddenly found myself jobless, homeless, and homeless. I had a bad time until the Casa de Amparo de Várzea Grande, where everyone welcomed me. I am so grateful for this opportunity and now I am dedicating myself to this course and to others that I have not yet been able to take. I want to get a job and start a new family. “

Elisvaldo Barbalho Dias, on the other hand, says drugs have taken him away from his family and made him homeless, but he himself has called on the Pop Center (a specialized reference center for the homeless population) to change that. “I sincerely attended and today I am participating in the customer service course at home activities and this opportunity. I want and will change my life, and then look for my family to show the change in my life. This inclusion program is important for those who once found themselves in a state of social vulnerability and the City Hall in Virginia Grande should be congratulated for this initiative, “he said.

For the Secretary of Social Assistance, Anna Christina Vieira, it is important that these people start anew, and this is what management and partners are proposing to do, to give them the opportunity to run training courses, and if possible, enter the labor market.

For those who do not yet have their documentation up to date, Casa de Amparo conducts a variety of work activities, such as vegetable gardening and cultural workshops and taking care of physical activities, so that they too may feel useful. “Everyone who welcomes will understand that we are here to serve and have the support of Mayor Kalil and First Lady, Prosecutor Kika Dorilio Barakat, who pays close attention to social factors and is a creator and partner in various activities,” the secretary said. .

Army trainer Bruna Rocha Machado says it is important to bring knowledge to all people, regardless of financial status, to give them the opportunity to learn a trade and to be able to enter the job market.

Regarding the students coming from Casa de Acolhimento, the teacher praised the social assistance policy implemented in the municipality and stressed the importance of having the welcome and support to change the lives of these people. “Their participation has been excellent. At first they were quite shy, but as time went on, they started to understand the content and now they are interacting with other students and being very participatory. This inclusion work is very important and they can return to the job market as soon as possible. People need to be included in society so that they feel important and the City Hall in Virginia Grande has given this opportunity, “he said.

Jovanil Flores da Silva, coordinator of the Professional Qualifications Center at the Social Assistance Secretariat, recalls that the customer service course is part of the Qualification + VG program. “The brand was created to identify courses offered by social support partners The Qualifica program was launched in February this year and has so far offered 70 professional qualification courses.

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