The Golden State Supreme Court Security Is Good, But Boston High Court Offenses Have Been Better

Towards the end of the third round of the NBA Finals Game 2, Jayson Tatum came off the screen from Al Horford and entered three open spaces across the net. When he did, his defender in the game, Andrew Wiggins, was a few steps down the 3-point arc, with his feet close to the free line when Tatum got up to burn.

The camera immediately illuminated Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who was furious on the side. Kerr shook his hands and shouted at Wiggins, “Get up! This, Andrew! Up!” Kerr wanted Wiggins – and his entire team – to lift his man up from the ground and not let Boston get into his offense easily.

In most cases, the Warriors did well in Game 2. According to Second Spectrum, the Warriors defenders picked up the Celtics players who caused the team’s error 39.5 meters from the edge of the victory – a shame 5 feet lower than they were in Game 1 This increased pressure greatly helped Boston to improve its performance in half-court cases from 114.1 points on 100 open-chain stocks, according to Glass Cleaning, to just 77.1. 100 points on Game 2 – and on the eve of the Golden State one-game series.

In Game 3, however, something was different again. The Warriors made half-off Celtics errors almost as they did in Game 2 – 38.3 feet from the edge, to say the least. But Boston found a way to deal with it and scored 114.1 points for every 100 points in the game.

In the last two of the three games played so far, the Celtics have found a way to get the most out of their NBA court defense: Golden State has a 91.2 half-point lead over 100 undefeated items. the regular season became the third in the NBA.

As has been the case in the game, the Celtics are on the hunt, repeatedly put Stephen Curry in the selection and transition in an effort to create the best matchups of Tatum and / or Jaylen Brown. Curry held himself back when called upon to defend Tatum or Brown in the air, but the fact that the threat of players who were attacking against Curry threatened the Warriors’ defense led to their support, which created opportunities elsewhere.

It was interesting that Curry (too) was not only shaken by Tatum and Brown, but there were a few times when he couldn’t get them off the paint. This was a sign of another problem that the Celtics had created in the defense of the Golden State. Boston won the ball in the paint on 50 of his 77 off-game appearances in Game 3, according to Second Spectrum – at a rate of 65%.

The Celtics have taken to the streets with increasing frequency in every series of games so far. In the last two games, it has been significantly higher than what Golden State allowed its opponents in the regular season.

The Warriors have been bringing in the Celtics many times

Sharing half-court items in which Golden State opponents took the ball, based on the NBA Finals game and regularly.

in time goods In Paint penti%
final game 3 77 50 64.9%
finals game 2 81 50 61.7
Final match 1 77 44 57.1
fixed season 6,734 4,096 60.8

Source: Second Spectrum

Golden State’s protection of the kidneys has been surprisingly low during this period, with Boston turning 70 percent of his shot inside the restricted area, according to the NBA Advanced Stats. This is much higher than the 65.7 per cent the Warriors allowed in the regular season and higher than the 67.8 per cent they released in the first round. Some of these intermittent actions could be due to Kevon Looney’s minutes being cut off by each game in a row, as well as Draymond Green’s serious problem and laziness. But some are just about Boston football players who make the right game at the right time and create a high profile.

It has been true whether they have gone all the way in the paint or not. Tatum, in particular, has done well to read the Golden State defense aid feeling the way he wants it to, and in Game 3, he went through a number of excellent times when the agent approached him. (He got on the road and tried to get past the aid several times, because the Celtics could not help turning once every 10 minutes.) Giving the shot early gives extra time for the shooter to carry. raises his shot, but it also helps the receiver to work against a moving defender, giving him a chance if he wants to pump and drive.

The Celtics found another way to win within Game 3: control the evil glass. Robert Williams, Grant Williams, Horford and Brown all finished the game with three frustrating boards. Boston also got 37.5 percent of the shots they missed Wednesday night, the biggest mark any team has ever done against the Warriors this season. Seven Celtics coming back in the second half were particularly affected, while Williamses (no relationship) made a second chance that led to a draw, a mistake or both; as well as Boston’s willingness to hit the ground running and fight the loose balls to save a lot of goods from the defensive or turning boards.

As the series progresses, Boston appear to be mocking the two big teams with Horford and Robert Williams, with this combination sharing 16 minutes down in Game 1, 12 in Game 2 and just 10 in Game 3. continuing with 14 points combined in ‘ the first two games, however, the Horford-Williams teams were 12 plus in Game 3, and the two were able to increase their chances repeatedly in the second half.

It would be one thing if the Celtics were just making chances inside against one of the league’s defensive linkages. But they are also breaking the nets from around. Boston shot 49 out of 113 (43.4 percent) from three to three games, despite a good shot from the bottom (15 of 37) in his loss of Game 2. Green said after Game 1 that the Warriors were comfortable with players like Horford, Marcus Smart and Derrick White beat them from the ground, as is how the Celtics can win. The trio have just shot 6 out of 19 from within the two games since they combined to score 15 of 23 in Game 1, but Brown and Tatum joined in the excitement by adding a 7 out of 17 tray in Game 3.

The only way to achieve success in a state-of-the-art defense like Golden State is to test it from every level of the world, especially in half the courts. The Celtics show the occasional and frustrating habit of falling into what can be described as nothing, and, like their opponents in this series, turn the ball over and over again. But he also has his size, athletic ability and skills that can cause great problems for the Warriors – and to this day, they do the same.

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