The girl raised R $ 700 in birthday action and donated it to children with cancer

Posted on 05/12/2022 18:17

(Credit: Arison Towers / Abras)

At about seven years old, Carol Falcao has decided to celebrate her birthday differently. With the help of his family, he made bracelets and sold 23 units. The money, amounting to R $ 700, was donated to Abrace, an organization that works against childhood cancer in Brazil and the federal districts.

The girl personally delivered the symbolic check to the organization and even distributed some bracelets that she had made for helpers at the Casa de Apoio in Guara I. This place is visited by children from other states of the country who have no place to live. Need some treatment in Brasilia and given by the association.

The house has 42 beds and accommodates 18 year old children In addition to the dental office, the organization provides full accommodation, meals, transportation to medical facilities, psychological care, infrastructure and support for children who live in DF.

Carlo’s father, Bruno Falcao, said his daughter’s initiative was spontaneous. “She loves to make bracelets, and one day she told us that she wanted to make them for sale and raise money to donate in a hug. We have that culture in our home. The foundation was there, “said Falcao.

  • The symbolic check delivery of the grant, if Carol, if seven years old, made the abras on his birthday.
    Arison Towers / Abras

  • Distribution of coral bracelets to children with the help of abras.
    Arison Towers / Abras

  • With his parents, Bruno and Lorena.
    Arison Towers / Abras

Bruno has been donating to Abres since he was 12 years old and is currently a partner in the annual Solidarity Nutrition event, seven years ago, even on his birthday. Since then, he has partnered with the organization through the company where he works as CEO, Chief Content. She says the amount raised from the event, donated across the partnership, has already surpassed 100,000 races and her daughter Carol was inspired by this example.

“I’ve heard a lot that we must raise kids for the world. And educating them is quite challenging. Seeing my daughter eager to collaborate with others, in her own way, to create a better world, fills the heart with peace, hope, faith, and It shows that we are on the right track. It is one of the best behaviors I have ever seen in my children. I am happy to have them, “he said.

Family solidarity

Bruno also recalls that Solidarity is involved with the nutrition customer, the company’s employees, and is a mirror for the new solidarity action. “The most important thing is when we involve the community, because we make mirrors. The great lesson of charity is to bring in more people to help those in need, ”he added.

Mao of Koral shows passion for his daughter’s initiative. After all, the child had an idea and devoted himself to donating. “We are left with the feeling that we are doing the right thing, we are fulfilling this responsibility to create a citizen to try to build a better world. I am very happy and full. We’ve always had this example in the family, we’ve chosen Abras and Reason as our reference, “explains Lorena Tomazet.

Abras completed 36 years of operation in May, and currently supports 859 children and adolescents with cancer and hemopathy and their families, providing food, medicine, tests, clothing, equipment, hospital travel, as well as guidance and support. Social worker. For those who come from other states in search of medical care, the organization arranges to stay at the Casa de Apoio in Guerrero for the time required for treatment.

“At the age of seven, Carol Abress showed great love for young patients with cancer and hemopathy. It is a harmonious and generous gesture that moves us a lot. The children loved the gift and Abres is very grateful for the loving action, “said Maria Angela Marini, President and one of the creators of Abres.

Learn how to help Abrace through the website or by phone 3212-6000 or Whatsapp (61) 99321-7229.


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