The founder of the Chicago White Sox was injured in the start

Michael Kopech came down the hill after throwing a pitch for Adolis García in the first innings on Sunday at Guaranteed Rate Field.

The right-hander negotiated with the Chicago White Sox staff and returned to the shore to prepare warm-up tar. He stopped right at the start, walked over to the back of the hill, and tossed the ball to the ground in frustration.

Kopech came out with a right knee injury, his first Sox hit in an 8-6 12-inning loss to Texas Rangers ahead of 31,096.

Kopech left after two-thirds of the inning, throwing just 13 yards. But the Sox expect Kopech to be available within a week.

“I heard a noise, a pinch or a pop or whatever you want to call it,” Kopech said. “I felt I could never go back. Sounds like it was worse than it actually was. We’ll take it every day, but it looks like I could come soon. I enjoyed the story.

“There is water in the back and we will try to clean it up. … I was disappointed. I found it to be much worse than it actually was, but thank you very much for these articles. ”

Kopech said he was “relieved” when he heard it was not a serious injury.

“But on a day like (Sunday), the cow had already been taxed,” he said. “Play one of the longest games of the year. It would have been better if it had not been for this. ”

Johnny Cueto was one of the pitchers to enter after Kopech.

The right-hand man is due to start Monday in Detroit, a section that will now go to Lance Lynn. Cueto came third in his second resting appearance, following Reynaldo López’s 1⅓ innings with no goals.

Sox manager Tony La Russa said Cueto had volunteered to play.

“It’s his history,” La Russa said. “A football player.”

Cueto, who said he threw about 45 yards on the bullfight on Saturday, allowed himself to run three times in six games with one blow and one run in five innings.

“I knew the situation for our staff and I went there and told (La Russa) that I was ready to sing two or three innings,” Cueto said through an interpreter. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m not ready to throw (Sunday). I was ready to throw (Monday). (Sunday), I was doing my thing in the pool, sauna. Just get ready (Monday). And then this happened. You just have to go there and do what you can.

“I didn’t even stretch (Sunday). I just sat here and went out and did what I did. I was ready to throw (Monday). I had no chance to study them, no. I just went there and did what I did. “

Kopech said Cueto’s 77 trips were “very exciting.”

“Courage to say a little,” Kopech said. “He threw a cow (Saturday). I don’t think no one expected him to be there. And five times, what he covered on an unexpected day to sing is fun. I think we’ve probably seen some guys we don’t see. Everyone’s pulling the right way. It didn’t go well for us.”

The Sox tied the game on 3 with two Andrew Vaughn shots in the seventh.

Ezequiel Duran’s three-run homer against José Ruiz in the 11th gave the Rangers 6-3 in the lead, but the Sox responded with three under the inning. Seby Zavala had a dedicated fly and Danny Mendick drove fast with three runs. Rangers players Charlie Culberson and Eli White collided in the game.

AJ Pollock followed with a bloop single, recording Mendick to build the game.

The Rangers led well on 12th in Jonah Heim’s two-run single-handed campaign against Matt Foster, who made it to the fourth in five days. La Russa said near Liam Hendriks “was not found” on Sunday.

“She should be available (Monday),” La Russa said.

The game had an unusual ending as Luis Robert was trying to catch third runaway Jake Burger.

“That was a mistake,” La Russa said. “You know I love violence, but it wasn’t a good drama.”

The series had an encouraging start to the Sox, who won 8-3 on Friday after scoring five times in the eighth inning. But he threw the last two in the series, all in the extras.

“It’s a very frustrating game to win because there was so much we did to win two-thirds of Kopech, starting with López and Johnny,” La Russa said. “That is a game we have to win. You need to find a way to overcome that. He has done many good things, but he has not done enough. ”

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