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16.30. That’s all for now however tonight everybody is cheering for the Azzurri towards the hosts Sweden. Appointment on the nineteenth. See you later! Good afternoon

16.27: recreation from the blue group who want confidence and get a good win that brings them again. Tomorrow the Azzurri can be on the pitch towards Scotland and Latvia

16.25: ITALY’S FIRST VICTORY AT THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP IN OESTERSUND! The blue group beats Turkey 8-3 who raises the white flag earlier than the finish of the penultimate

16.22: Italy performs nicely and scores three objectives in a minute when there are 7 pictures at the finish of the penultimate finish

16.18: Two blue stones pointed after 3 pictures early in the ninth finish

16.15: AND IT’S FOUROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! A correct rejection of Constantini who removes the Turkish stone and offers Italy 4 decisive factors that fly to eight-3 after 8.

16.13: Turkish stone on the spot, rejection is wanted the identical as earlier than to get 4 blues factors.

16.11: The first shot is good. Now there are 4 Italian stones the place the last shot is lacking for each groups

16.10: Turkey Stone factors after 13 pictures however Italy have a likelihood to get multiple level if Constantini fails

16.07: Italy will get the fourth stone with six pictures left

16.03: A mistake by the Turks who hit their guard and there are three blue stones in the space after 8 pictures

16.01: Two blue stones pointed after 4 pictures

15.58: Italy is respiration! Just one level for the Turkish group. Hand to the blues who lead 4-3

15.56: The Turks are rejected. Let’s see if it will likely be a level or two for Yildiz

15.51: Italy now however not contributing. The blue group is at a totally different threat

15.49: Turkish stone between the two blues. Constantini’s good shot pressured Turkey to accept a level

15.48: Constantini decides to put the third stone precisely in entrance of the two Turkish stones

15.44: Italy will ask for a time-out. There are 4 squares left at the finish, there are two blue stones in the center space subsequent to one another and two Turkish stones on each side are moved to the left by two guards. The Italians are checking resistance nevertheless it is not simple

15.43: Lo Deserto decides to place one other blue stone in the place with good guards, now the Turks attempt to withstand

15.42: A mistake by the Turks! The blue stone at the level the place there are six pictures, now issues may be modified if Italy finds rejection and frees the home from Turkish stones.

15.40: Be cautious as a result of after eight stones there are solely three Turkish stones in the home

15.34: HERE ISAAAAAAA!!! The greatest Stefania Constantini who will get the proper shot at the proper time and the good resistance removes the Turkish stone and offers two factors to Italy who flies to 4-2 after 6 ends. Now Turkey wants a huge hand protection

15.32: The Turkish stone in the place, Constantini’s magic is wanted to offer the blues two factors

15.31: Italy put a stone on the spot as the last shot is missed

15.28: Italy releases the central guards despatched by the Turks. 4 pictures left at the finish. It’s all in Constantini’s fingers

15.25: Very busy home. Italy on the spot after 8 pictures from the finish of the sixth

15.23: The rejection of the Turks who return the error is not profitable

15.22: Along with Zardini Lacedelli’s shot which in any case doesn’t go away the home

15.20: Italian left guard

15.15: Turkey is saved by a few centimeters and manages to win, however now Italy will be capable to use the hand.

15.13: Italy would have had 2 objectives however perhaps 3 for every level when Yildiz had his final shot.

15.08: Two blue stones in the place the place the final 4 pictures are lacking, after a mistake in the Turkish resistance take a look at

15.06: Rejection and rejection in the home. We can’t return empty handed

15.00: The second choice for the Turkish girl who throws twice and stops the finish. Italy can be forward 2-1, the hand stays with the Turks

14.59: Two blue stones in a minute the place Yildiz’s final shot is lacking, which solely goes for one level, or prevents the finish.

15.56: There is just one blue stone in the home the place the final 4 pictures in the fourth finish should be made.

14.54: Denied and denied, at all times two blue stones on every level after 9 pictures

14.52: Two blue stones to level after 5 pictures in the fourth finish

14.48: Along with Yildiz’s shot, he steals the hand of the blue who lead 2-1

14.46: Constantini’s guards, let’s have a look at the choice of the Turkish individuals in the final troublesome match

14.43: A mistake by Yildriz offers the Azzurri a good likelihood

14.42: Well executed Constantini who locations the blue stone nicely coated with opposing stones.

14.39: Three locations in Turkey the place the final 4 pictures are lacking. Constantini needed to attempt to clear the home

14.34: Traffic in the home and in Italy after 9 pictures from the third finish

14.28: Blue is not incorrect, giving Italy an equaliser, as the hand passes to Turkey. 1-1

14.27: The Azzurri attempt to go for 2 factors however the rejection of Turkey arrives. Two factors for Turkey as Constantini’s last shot is not there and he can’t miss

14.24: Turkey and rejection opens the technique to the finish

14.23: Italy the place there are 4 pictures at the finish however there is a Turkish stone in the home

14.20: After six pictures from the finish of the second Turkish factors. The worst blues ever

14.15: Another mistake for the blue who can’t resist and go away for Italy. Hand stolen from Turkey and 1-0 to Yildiz and his teammates

14.14: There are two stones for Turkey because it is the final shot with Stefania Constantini who will attempt to take the level.

14.09: Denied and denied 4 pictures from the finish of the first finish

14.08: After 4 pictures there is a blue stone in the space

14.03: The downside has began, in Italy

13.58: Here are the different matches at this time: Denmark-Norway, Sweden-Switzerland, Germany-Hungary, Scotland-Latvia

13.55: This is the composition of Turkey: Dilsat Yildiz, Oznur Polaz, Ifayet Safak Calikusu, Mihriban Polat

13.53: The blue group is made up of Stefania Constantini (Fiamme Oro), Camilla Gilberti (CC Lago Santo), Angela Romei (Fiamme Oro), Marta Lo Deserto (CC Dolomiti) and Giulia Zardini Lacedelli (Curling Club Dolomiti).

13.50: Turkey misplaced once more in the opening recreation towards Scotland who received 9-6 after struggling in the first half of the recreation. Therefore, take note of the design of Turkey.

13.47: The Azzurri come from a clear victory (3-8) towards robust Germany and have a nice want for redemption. For them at this time it is already troublesome to proceed to attain the aim of the semifinal

13.44: Italy will go to the ice of the Östersund Arena in Östersund, Sweden to play a problem to win in each technique to qualify for the knockout stage towards Turkey, a formation that has a good character however that ought to not get up. an insurmountable impediment for the Azzurri.

13.40: Good afternoon to the pals of OA Sport and welcome to the tv of the qualifiers for the European curling Women 2022 between Italy and Turkey.

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Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the second day of the 2021 European Curling Championship: the second qualifying match for the girls’s championship is being ready with a problem between Italy and Turkey. Today (Saturday 19 November) Italy will take to the ice at the Östersund Arena in Östersund, Sweden taking part in exhausting to win in any respect prices to have the ability to qualify for the deafening part towards Turkey, a formation that has a good character however which shouldn’t signify an insurmountable impediment for the Azzurri.

The girls’s match options Denmark, Germany, Hungary, ItalyLatvia, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The 10 groups play a spherical robin during which they face all the opponents and The prime 4 will enter the second knockout stage. Qualification for the 2023 World Cup is nearly up for grabs: eight locations for males, seven for ladies, whereas the backside two can be relegated to Division B.

The blue group is made up of Stefania Constantini (Fiamme Oro), Camilla Gilberti (CC Lago Santo), Angela Romei (Fiamme Oro), Marta Lo Deserto (CC Dolomiti) and Giulia Zardini Lacedelli (Curling Club Dolomiti). The favorites are reigning champions Switzerland, however Scotland discovered themselves early on with a revamped group led by skip Morrison, and the hosts Sweden. and totally different programs from the previous.

OA Sport brings you LIVE protection of the 2021 European Curling Championship qualifier between Italy and Turkey: story in actual time, finish after finish, stone after stone, so you do not miss a factor. It begins at 14.00. Have a good time.

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