The Fire Department project has benefited 140 children and adolescents through educational and musical activities – News

Mato Grosso (CBMMT) ‘s Military Fire Brigade held an inaugural class this Wednesday (27.04) to mark the beginning of the musicalizer and firefighters’ educational activities for the future 2022 project. The first lady in the state, Virginia Mendes, was set aside কেন 200,000 to buy 131 musical instruments.

The ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Court of Auditors (TCE) and was attended by 140 children and adolescents as well as military personnel.

“I am thrilled to be a part of these wonderful projects: Musicalizar and Firefighters of the Future 2022, which we have strengthened, through the Mato Grosso government, with over R 200,000 in resources distributed last year. Music that can change the lives of our children.” It is beautiful to see. I have warmly supported and supported these social projects because I know and believe that these actions make a difference for children. I would like to thank and congratulate the Commander – Colonel Alessandro Borges, Head of the Military Fire Department, and Project Coordinator, Lieutenant Vieira, you are an angel in the lives of these children. Congratulations to the Fire Department for the wonderful work and God bless, “said First Lady Virginia Mendes.

The Firefighters of the Future project was created in 2006 to provide educational activities, where education is centered around military organization: classification and discipline, patriotism and civilization, as well as its practice in everyday activities. In the 2022 edition, children and adolescents from the cities of Cuiabá, Várzea Grande, Poconé and Santo Antônio do Leverger are registered. Classes will be held once a week, in the military unit of the place where they are admitted.

Representing the first lady, Julieta Dominguez, coordinator of the social action and family care unit, handed over the equipment purchased with the resources allocated for the programs to the Commander-in-Chief of the CBMMT. In addition to the 38 sheet music shelf, the musical instrument was strengthened with 39 wind instruments, 37 recorders, 10 guitars and 7 percussion instruments.

The General Commander, Colonel Alessandro Borges, explained that the first woman in the state was present at the corporation to learn about social projects and was willing to contribute to the strengthening of the work.

“Before the Covid-19 epidemic began, the first lady was in the military battalion to learn about our social projects. He is delighted with the Musicalizar project and is committed to helping, and through the Secretary of Finance, Social Aid and Citizenship, make it possible to purchase equipment. Through it, we will be able to provide opportunities and visions for the future of all these children, transcend educational values, transform these young people as well as fulfill the whole task of awakening the aspirations of firefighters, ”it was announced. Commander-in-Chief.

The mayor of the municipality of Santo Antônio de Leverger (35 km from Cuiabá), Francieli Magalhães de Arruda, thanked him for conducting projects that would impart knowledge to children.

“This wonderful project, run by this Fire Department force, loved by the community, comes at a good time, because it will keep our kids off the streets and prevent them. This important cause is further strengthened by the activities of our First Lady Virginia Mendes who believe and invest in these young people who will be the future of our country, we are happy for all of this, ”the mayor declared.

Music presentation

During the program, two students from the Musicalizera project performed instrumental music. Also, Ana Luiza Cavalcante, 11, who has been involved in the project for two years, captivated the audience with her classic keyboard vs. Mozart vs. Beethoven. Quite satisfied, he said his desire was “to continue my music career, I want to be a famous artist, I like this project which teaches all about music”.

Proud of the presentation, the girl’s mother, Mrs. Michelle de Souza Cavalcante Vieira, said the project has aroused aspirations for the firefighting profession. “She has a taste for this instrument in her veins. She loves the opportunity. She wants to be in the military. It’s her profile. She likes challenges. We’re rooting for this dream.

Also, student Mao admits that the project has had good results in the life of the young man, who fills his daughter’s time with significant educational activities, preventing the girl from spending a long time in the virtual world.

“With this project, he doesn’t spend too much time on his cell phone, because he goes to school, comes in and goes to practice to be able to give results, even as demanded by the monitors. All I have to do is call the fire department for this beautiful project.” Thank you for making a difference in everyone’s life, “said Mrs. Michelle.

Participants will be instructed on a curriculum based on a total of 132 hours of class work pressure, divided into 14 topics: history of firefighters, concepts of land and altitude rescue, aquatic rescue, first aid, prevention and firefighting, environmental education, education and physical health, hymns and songs, Ethics, Citizenship and Good Behavior, Ethics and Civics, United Order, Drug Abuse Prevention and Fighting, Post and Graduation and others.


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