The father adopts the ex-son and the son’s reaction thrills the web

Rodrigo Medina Lopez, 45 years old Legally became a father By Bruno Carneiro Lopes, 11 years old. There was a lack The formality of including his name in the case of “affiliation” Birth Certificate – An undisclosed error in May of this year that inspired followers to follow the moment of publication on social networks. G1 with information.

On May 20, he left the recording camera on the computer while presenting his new document to Bruno. In it, the full name, “Mona is like a man”, his surname and his mother are now dead. In the midst of crying, hugs and voice barriers, Bruno summed up his feelings: “I want to be like you.”

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“Today the adoption certificate came out. It was the happiest day of my life. We waited 9 years for it. I recorded it so he can never forget this moment, just me and her. We have a child. The biggest adoption. Love. It’s a loving and guessing baby born for me … and not made by me. I love you boy and I can’t imagine my life without you, “Rodrigo wrote in the post.

Rodrigo Regen adopted Carneiro’s son, whom he married and had a daughter (Photo: Reproduction)

Rodrigo married Regen Carneiro, with whom he had a daughter, and he died of cancer in 2013. She was already living in Sao Paulo when she learned that her ex-partner would be the single mother of a boy from another relationship and then, Take care of both.

“I gave him a lot of advice on the phone. I followed him from the beginning, so I have a lot of pictures of him on my lap. I gave him the first little bike. I’ve always been a dad, but it was ‘Uncle Rodrigo’. He used to call him uncle. He discovered cancer, he trusted me to take care of both of them and I took it for myself. I am Luana’s father and I will be her father “, he swore.

‘The woman of my life’

Rodrigo and Regen met in reverse shifts at the school when they were 14 years old and lived in Viamao in the Porto Alegre metropolitan area. She remembers the moment she saw him, wearing a cap, and thought: “This is going to be the woman of my life, we’re going to get married and have a baby.”

Rodrigo wanted to be present in the life of his ex-wife's son (Photo: Reproduction)Rodrigo wanted to be present in the life of his ex-wife’s son (Photo: Reproduction)

At the age of 18, they moved in together and there was Luana – who is now married, studying biology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and living in the capital with her husband. At the age of 30, however, Rodrigo and Regen separated and since they got married very early, they talked a lot about this decision.

“I say to this day that he is the greatest love of my life and the rest of my life. Other people may have appeared, but he was the love of my life, so we were together until the end,” he assured.

In 2010 “until the end” took on another meaning. He lived in S সাo Paulo for three years when Regen had another child, but dreamed of having a son and wanted him to be a father. At the time, they thought it would be implemented and the idea was abandoned.

Regen then became pregnant in a brief relationship with another man, but this man did not want to adopt fatherhood. Since then, Rodrigo has appeared in her and her children’s lives.

According to him, the turning point was when Bruno had atopic dermatitis and had to go to the hospital. “She was very sick, she was raw. That’s where I would take care of this boy and protect him. And I couldn’t imagine losing his mother,” Rodrigo said.

Cancer ‘disguised’

Bruno was born in December 2010 and discovered resin cancer in August 2011. He felt sick, bled and began an investigation. The tumor in the uterus developed with pregnancy, so it was “disguised”.

Bruno's mother died of cancer in 2013 (Photo: Reproduction)Bruno’s mother died of cancer in 2013 (Photo: Reproduction)

The mother underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but the disease progressed rapidly. At age 35, before her son turned three, she became debilitated and had to undergo palliative care.

In the soothing bed, he said he loved me so much, he never stopped loving me, and Bruno would be at peace with me. She called her mother, her sisters, and said that if anything happened to her, she would stay with me, so as not to separate the siblings. “I know the man I’m married to, I know how much he cares for Bruno,” said Rodrigo.


In almost a decade of legal battles, Rodrigo has gone through all the adoption process: interviewing social workers and psychologists, meeting with parents, traveling with the son, always requiring his approval.

Two weeks ago, he requested that the boy be taken to Rio de Janeiro, who would accompany him on a work trip. As he was leaving a meeting with a client, he received a phone call from a clerk in the registry office while driving to advise him that no special license would be required.

The adoption finally came out. “I turned on the flasher, put my forehead on the steering wheel and cried. Nine years passed in my head. I thought of his mother,” he told G1, pointing to the sky. “Man, we did it,” he celebrates.

In an interview with G1, Rodrigo was in Rio de Janeiro, where he will visit the museum tomorrow with his son. The struggle, exhausting, forced her to think about adopting another child in the next five years.

“It’s Bruno who inspires me. Bruno is cool, he helps me. Sometimes he asks if I want a coffee, he says ‘Dad, take a break, eat’. He lives with all my reality. The gift is mine. I was. He’s very special. “

Maternal presence

Rodrigo emphasizes the importance of his mother and ex-wife in raising the boy and in recognizing his paternity. Rezen requested a DNA test from his biological father, which was pending and interfered with the adoption process.

“The judge didn’t understand. If you want to stay with Rodrigo, why did you ask for a DNA test?” The conflict continues, but the family has proved it in the photo, “he said. To this day, he takes the boy to live with his grandmother and other family members so that he can stay with his mother and learn about his mother’s story. “I do a lot to bring Bruno’s cognitive learning, in the sporty part, to understand that it’s normal, that he’s gone but left the whole foundation,” he says.

The father says that in the video he reveals the formality of fatherhood to fulfill an old wish of his son. Bruno always wanted to see pictures of his mother and find out what her voice was like. “He doesn’t miss his mother because he doesn’t remember, but he wanted to hear her voice and we don’t have that in that sense,” he lamented.

A decade ago, video publishing social networks were still in their infancy, with records confined to personal files and files stored on computers. Last year, when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer, Rodrigo decided to record all the moments so that his son would remember him too.

“I was so scared to leave Bruno. I followed, I had surgery. That record is for him forever, for what we did together. But the video went viral! It was something for me, for him, for friends and for people.” To know that I made it “, he celebrates.

The exception to one rule is 32 times

For every father who wants to appear like Rodrigo, an average of 32 more have not registered their child on the birth certificate. Between January 2016 and June 2022, 36,601 missing parents were identified at the Rio Grande do Sul, according to the National Association of Registrars of Natural Persons (Arpen-Brussels).

On the other hand, 1,153 people have late recognized their biological offspring or adopted a child in the state. In the case of Rodrigo and Bruno – an exception that occurs on average every two days – they are among them.

“People are shocked because I have adopted an ex-son, not because I have adopted a child. They say a lot: ‘This is a real man.’ No, it’s not. This is the story of my desire to take care of Bruno.” , Not reading and listening to praise. She says that after the response to the video, she received more than 700 messages from mothers talking about ex-partners who do not recognize paternity.

“People say I expect a man in the child’s life. There is nothing unusual. I’m flawed, I work, I study, I try to date because I don’t have much time. I want to meet other people, I want to travel. Love. Excellent foundation for Bruno. I’m shocked at how different his reaction is, and I don’t think so. Maybe the story is different from other families “, I concluded.


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