The far right sets up paramilitary courses for children and adolescents

As a results of the political, financial and social disaster that the nation goes by way of, far-right organizations and distinguished people are launching paramilitary courses throughout Brazil, specializing in the recruitment of children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 24. In such colleges, younger folks obtain fight coaching and are impressed by their “lecturers” into fascist ideology.


Visual Anti-Communism and Fascist Ideology Course Content

The principal courses on this phase are referred to as: Mirim Military Academy and the Brazilian Pre-Military Force or Student Patriot Force (FOPE). In photos obtained from “Classes” on the Internet, children and adolescents are seen carrying weapons whereas conducting fight and survival coaching within the jungle setting, which the course calls simulacro. The trainings are carried out by adults, a lot of whom have navy coaching. However, what is absolutely critical is the content material of the course, which goals to coach children and youth in fascist ideology and visceral anti-communism.

Junior Military Academy

The Mirim Military Academy is headquartered in Brasilia and guarantees to show younger folks between the ages of 5 and 15 values ​​resembling classification, self-discipline, respect for nationwide symbols, household values, unified self-discipline, rules and civilization. Courses are supplied on Saturdays, courses final two hours, and the overall course load is six months. Those accountable for the “college” cost the children’s dad and mom and guardians a month-to-month payment of R $ 150 and R $ 105 for navy uniforms. Classes are scheduled to start on June 4 on the Mirim Military Academy in Brasilia and might be taught on the Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB).

“PEM Courses and Training” is accountable for the Company Academy, and Mauricio Almeida is accountable for its National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ). He is joined within the effort by Perth brothers Jose Passagli and Walter Passagli. Perth owns PJP Cursos e Treinamentos, an organization that owns the area Site Made in Mirim Military Academy, August 12, 2021. Another individual instantly concerned with the Mirim Military Academy is Colonel Costa Jr. from the Sওo Paulo Military Police, who advises on the course. Walter, however, works within the operational technique of the Passagli group. On May 29, 2022, he attended a course presentation assembly with dad and mom and guardians of pupil candidates. The incident passed off in a classroom of Facolded LS at Piston Soul in Taghutinga, Federal District.

At the assembly, Walter, after the presentation and after making an attempt to steer the dad and mom to signal an settlement with the academy, highlighted the necessity for dad and mom to not attend the course, particularly in the course of the first eight courses. “The first eight courses are essential and we ask you to go away your children with us. You cannot take part as a result of in 90% of the instances the self-discipline does not match the dad and mom “, the response highlights.

All these cited as accountable for the Mirim Military Academy are hardcore Bolsonarista. On their social networks on the Internet, they defended the coup protests and denied the combat in opposition to Kovid-19. Also, not less than three of these talked about tried to get elected to positions within the previous state by way of electoral farce. In the 2021 election for the MDB, Suzanne was a councilor candidate in Perth Sao Paulo. Walter declared himself a Suzanne councilor candidate by PR in 2016. Moggy Guacur was additionally the mayoral candidate in Sওo Paulo in 2020 by Colonel Costa Jr. PRTB. None of the three succeeded.


Like the Mirim Military Academy, Fop additionally targets younger folks between the ages of 6 and 24. The self-styled “commander” of the FOP is Daniel Mazon Mareto. Daniel’s historical past contains an arrest in Flagrante delicto in 2009. He is accused of setting up a counterfeit preparatory course, AFE Carssos Preparatorios Company. So, Daniel was arrested for embezzling with the promise that the scholars would mechanically be part of the reactionary armed forces after finishing the course. At the time, Daniel was arrested inside a classroom in entrance of 300 college students on the Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.

Agent of counter-revolution

The rise of such teams and “colleges” is partly paying homage to 1960’s civic and non secular colleges, resembling Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), a super-responsive Catholic group based by former Sao Paulo deputy Plinyo Correa de Oliveira. Just a few years in the past, earlier than the navy coup of ’74.

These colleges recruited poor younger folks from inside Brazil. To discuss with households, the leaders of those organizations supplied education, meals, and shelter for children and adolescents attending boarding colleges. Many accepted the provide in view of the poverty state of affairs within the household and the non secular training being imparted.

However, in these locations younger folks have been subjected to all types of bodily and psychological abuse and torture. The knights are being pressured to stay in a feudal approach, together with carrying reminiscent garments Medieval Templar: In addition, they wanted fight coaching, together with the usage of firearms. Some of those younger males are being despatched to the United States to enhance their weapons coaching and to study guerrilla warfare ways. Its leaders justified the coaching by arguing that younger folks have to be ready to combat “evil,” which of their view is carried out between communists and democrats against fascist navy rule.

TFP continues to be working in Brazil beneath the identify Heralds of the Gospels. The group faces costs of homicide, rape, incitement to suicide, torture and different costs.

Popular organizations have attacked

The revelation of the actions of this paramilitary and ultra-reactionary group exposes the hypocritical assaults by the reactionary defenders of the previous order in opposition to the democratic and land wrestle motion.

Popular and mass organizations, such because the League of Poor Peasants (LCP), the National Front for Rural and City Struggles (FNL), the Landless Workers Movement (MST), and homeless staff, have filed quite a few complaints, together with with the judiciary. Movement (MTST) and others use children of their camps and occupations. Even when youths residing in large metropolis slums take to the streets to protest in opposition to police violence, they’re accused of being concerned within the service of criminals or drug sellers.

The reactionaries attempt to erase the truth that younger individuals are additionally a part of the category wrestle and endure its results, they’re disadvantaged of the fundamental rights granted by the previous state and they’re the victims of armed assaults on massive estates and police. , Children and adolescents can be lively brokers in defending the rights of the folks.


1 – Article primarily based on a report by Congresswoman M. Foco’s journalist Vanessa Lippelt on “Bolsonaristas use paramilitary colleges to coach children.”

2 – The Knights Templar have been members of a Catholic non secular and navy order established in 1120 in the course of the Crusades.


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