The epidemic affects the literacy process of children in Brussels

The 6- and 7-year-old students of the municipal network, who, during their literacy period, had their education affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic. Despite the re-emergence and use of technology, when evaluating students, it was found that there were learning barriers, according to Brusk’s education secretary, Eleanor Busanardo Buemo.

For example, Eliani highlights that current 3rd grade students in elementary school experienced literacy processes during the epidemic. Therefore, they had classes with teachers who wore masks, went through isolation, and encountered face-to-face activities, which hindered the continuous flow of activities.

“Today, we still have students of this age in the literacy process, which should normally be in the 1st and 2nd year,” he noted. “The damage exists and we understand that they are temporary, mitigated through collaborative work between the secretariat, schools, teachers and families,” he said.

To address this issue, the folder has created the Aprendi + Brusque project. This action uses technical tools to mediate learning, providing educational activities after school hours for students marked with delays.

Eliani explained that the secretariat had to assess the educational situation of the school before implementing the project. He says the folder has two work fronts for identifying learning levels and planning reinforcement actions.

In the 1st and 2nd year, the Regent Teacher completes the Monthly School Management System (SGE) to monitor students’ literacy levels.

“The document titled Diagnostics Beyond Data is used to apply permanent training with literacy teachers, to align the work performed, to analyze the data and to plan new actions,” he explained.

See below for determining literacy in the school management system:

The data refers to the end of 2021 and shows how the students started 2022. In the 1st year, 836 patients were diagnosed, i.e. 91.67% students. From the 2nd year, there were 701 students, therefore, 74.02% of the total student population.

In the case of students who have not been assessed, the Secretariat indicates that this may have been due to various reasons such as removal or change of school.

Educational survey

Eliani noted that another work front is the Diagnostic Assessment conducted quarterly since 2020, with all students on the network in all areas of knowledge. The action taken together with the network teachers is called educational survey.

He explained that these examinations are prepared by the assistant professors and their colleagues and are organized by the secretariat. According to the secretary, the surveys are essential for the evaluation of education materials and for the purpose of providing subsidies to teachers, coordinators, directors and staff of the education department.

“They offer data so that professionals have a subsidy to plan and reschedule future educational work, aimed at improving the quality of education and restoring learning,” he explained.

For 1st and 2nd year classes, the academic survey also assesses the Portuguese and mathematical fields, while in the final years it covers all fields.

The educational survey has been conducted at the end of each quarter since 2020. According to the Secretary, in the first quarter of 2021, the skills of the previous year were listed and in 2020, the skills that were old or not working were worked on. Last year, three assessments were applied.

In 2022, plans based on the data from this survey will be conducted on a quarterly basis.

Learn + Brusque project

Brask City Hall / Disclosure

The database was contributed by the Municipal Education Department in the standardization and creation of the Learn + Brusque project. In the project, curriculum proficiency in mathematics and Portuguese is given priority and it is being conducted with students from the municipal network who have identified delays identified in the assessment.

According to the Secretariat, 1,754 students from the network are currently serving in the program. They are students in the literacy process and those who are lagging behind in other fields. The purpose is to restore obsolete teachings.

Iliani noted that the focus on equity was inspired by the Secretariat to create the project. “We need to focus on the inequalities in education that are seen in school life, but especially in the aftermath of the epidemic. Students with learning disabilities need to be at the center of a project that meets their needs “, comments ..

The project focuses on literacy in reading and writing and mathematical logic and has three work fronts:

Educational Survey: Quarterly diagnostic assessment;

Structure: Continuing teaching and learning groups with faculty / coordinators for exchange of experiences;

Structure: Project class implementation and monitoring and post-school work alignment.

How the project works

The criteria for joining the project are defined by the regent teachers of the class. For this, the diagnosis of literacy observation and monitoring of the results of educational survey is used as a basis.

“For the next semester we will have accurate information about the progress of the students in the academic system. For now, we have the teachers’ report on the success of the project, “he said.

According to Secretariat sources, the appointment of professionals and the availability of materials, equipment and training are the responsibility of the folder. On the other hand, it is responsible for monitoring the development of school space, schedule and activities.

Teachers plan and implement educational proposals. Families, on the other hand, contribute to organization and commitment so that students can go to school after school hours. “With the commitment of all, it is possible to increase the learning and educational quality of students in Brusk’s municipal network,” Eliani concluded.

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