The English demonstration against Hungary and their children’s fans has not left much to be desired

BUDAPEST, Hungary – If England lose their chance with the noise of nearly 30,000 children and their vuvuzelas, how will they cope with the horrific Allianz Arena against Germany on Tuesday night?

The UEFA Nations League looks unlikely due to a difficult home game that has just ended and the World Cup in Qatar at the end of this year, but Saturday’s 1-0 defeat to Hungary raises some questions as to whether England can do well without comfort at home.

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Gareth Southgate has raised the issue with his players at the meetings this week, recalling that only 10 of the 23 players who reached the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia are in the group recently, most of whom reached Euro 2020 last year. the last is training at St George’s Park base and playing one game from Wembley.

These were certainly unusual circumstances. Games that were supposed to be played without closed doors due to UEFA sanctions imposed on Hungarian nationalism and homosexuality at Euro 2020 ended with a crowd of thousands of players as the players used the words in the rules. Students were allowed to enter the Puska Arena – up to ten accompanying adults – and the vuvelas were ready, forming a replica of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

At times, England looked like an uncoordinated, uncoordinated team in the tournament, unable to take part in a game that had too many things but little awareness until it hit late after Dominik Szoboszlai’s 66-minute penalty.

“It’s very difficult to demolish them and we missed half a yard in terms of stability,” Southgate said. “I think it was a lot hotter than the length of the season. Another thing is that we haven’t played together for three months and we’ve had three games in six months.

“In these four games, we try to look at things, to know about the players and to try [to] to fight. I may not have fully understood it today, but we have learned a lot since then and I have to admit that you do not win the match and you have to climb the opposition that comes with this. learning what should help us cross the line.

“We are disappointed because if we want to be a team that is reaching the end of the World Cup, this is the kind of game we have to win.”

It was strange to hear Southgate criticize the heat. Budapest was hot – about 26 ° C at the start – but England’s first Euros game last summer was played by two degrees, a game that beat Croatia 1-0, and such fears are not like goats. for the World Cup to be played in the Persian Gulf state, even in November and December.

Southgate was right that the starting line-up for Saturday was a different eleven option. Raheem Sterling, who has shown great interest in England recently, moved into vacant positions when Phil Foden was left out of the COVID-19 deal and Southgate named the first two with different results: Jarrod Bowen began to shine brightly and remained one of the strongest threats to England. while James Justin was sacked half-time – Southgate later cited a minor cattle problem – after a foul on the left. Jude Bellingham had a chance to make a name for himself in the middle of the game but was unable to put in the most advanced players that many feel are absent from Southgate’s favorite games of Declan Rice and Kalvin Phillips.

Fatigue will be a problem right now but England have not agreed to their place here. Things got worse before that when the England players were criticized by many youngsters as they knelt; The loud mockery was an unmistakable sound that contradicted the anti-apartheid messages displayed through the large signs in the center of the arena.

“Based on the development, I want and need to have the team play in front of the players,” Southgate said. “But this is not the point at this point. That’s why I’m starting to follow what we’ve learned from it and what it should be real about. I think this needs to be considered without hesitation.

“Exactly what it was like when we got to the stadium, there were kids standing in the street, it was really friendly. They waved at us as we went to warm up. I thought it was a pantomime game when our team came out. Warm up.

“This was different from a knee injury but I think it’s natural for me. All I can say is, I still feel in our stadiums. That’s why we do this and continue to do this and we will. Keep it up as a team.”

In the courtroom, the judge doubted. The Hungarian spot-throwing option was soft; Reece James, just two minutes earlier as a substitute, tied Zsolt Nagy as he entered the box but did not appear to be directing the ball, and Southgate called it a “painful verdict.”

Conor Coady fired a 77-minute header, Harry Kane opted for a slow shot as he managed to throw Jack Grealish in the middle of the box, and a few minutes later the England captain made the effort. The game is about to end. But the best chance came to an end in the middle of it all, Jordan Pickford shot Laszlo Kleinheisler 81 minutes straight for Andras Schafer, but also fired the ball.

This time, Southgate dropped its 3-4-3 form instead of 4-3-3, and no one seemed satisfied here. He had previously said that he had been developing various plans to address the problems he was facing but that attempt failed when Hungary won its first victory in England since 1962.

Undoubtedly this is the time to try the World Cup games in a few months, and the League of Nations is useful if it is the only one, especially this year. But Southgate could expect more from his team here, and Tuesday’s trip to Germany is the same as checking on their chances in Qatar.

England are rightly judged by the high standards these days – the depth of talent that Southgate has and the high speed in the last two competitions demanded – and it is easy to say that they do not look satisfactory in a game against other opponents. time, probably not since he won 4-0 at this venue last September.

Saturday may be the first within 90 minutes from November 2020, but outside of Euro 2020, the 23-game tournament has won several games against young players including San Marino, Albania and Andorra, adding to the unbeaten run.

None of this could affect England’s timely arrival in Qatar, but instead of embarking on a nightmare of the unexpected changes that are pushing the World Cup in the winter months, Southgate could appreciate more time for the changes. essential.


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