The Eagles lose another great forward

The brain drain for the Philadelphia Eagles continues.

Vice President of Football Affairs Catherine Raîche is the most recent member of Philly’s front office. He is being held in a “senior position” by the Cleveland Browns, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

The Eagles first hired Raîche in July 2019. He parted ways with Browns general manager Andrew Berry, who previously held the VP position of football ops, for several months before leaving for Cleveland.

The Eagles were in danger of losing Raiche earlier this season when they questioned Minnesota Vikings’ General Manager. Philly would have received two third-party options on payment because he was leaving when he was hired but went away. The Vikes signed a second-term job for Brown Football President Kwesi Adofo-Mensah. So, maybe Raîche is filling up his trip to Cleveland.

On the other hand, people should be pleased with Raiche’s progress. She has been a major player in women’s history in NFL history at Philly and is now very close to the GM title.

On the other hand, the Eagles lose another important member of their front office without compensation.

In January, a The Birds lost coaching director Ian Cunningham for Bears. Chicago hired him for their senior assistant role.

In February, a The Birds lost coaching director Brandon Brown for Giants. New York hired him for the position of senior assistant manager.

The Eagles were outraged by the time they left and agreed to reverse the decision to ban high school football officials from joining new teams until. after NFL Draft. The verdict was able to pass but any damage to the Eagles had already taken place.

Losing Cunningham, Brown, and Raîche in a short period of time may not be appropriate for Philly. And the lost can’t just stand there. Vice-president of the Eagles’ football team Andy Weidl believes he is the “director” to the position of general manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers when Kevin Colbert resigned. Since the preparation is over, we should hear more news on Steelers’ GM research soon.

Weidl, Cunningham, Brown, and Raîche all shouted directly at Jeffrey Lurie at a January 2021 press conference while the Eagles owners were talking to Philly’s front office. Here is what he said at the time:

[…] We have about five people in our organization that I can currently create who could be the senior manager in this league, and they just add, whether it is John Dorsey or Jeremiah Washburn, or the list goes on. I do not want to give up on anyone.

But we have a real core with Andy Weidl, Ian Cunningham, Catherine Raiche, Brandon Brown. One of the tasks of a supervisor is to attract good people and directors around him because it is not designed for one person. There have been errors. There are some mistakes, but what I have to look at is the process and I have to look at how the work is doing over time but more importantly I have to look at the process. If we do not identify the best players who are about to be selected, then there is a problem. If we identify the best players but select two, three, four, five in front of us, then it is also part of the analysis. It is part of understanding the process. Understanding the details. […]

It is good to see that some teams admire the Eagles’ senior. But Howie Roseman has been given more work. It is unclear who will rise after several major losses. Former Jacksonville Jaguars boss and current chief of staff Dave Caldwell could be the name to see. Lurie’s reference to Jeremiah Wasburn, who has a mixed forward / coaching role and his former title of “great player / defender”, might be good for him. The Eagles can also look after their own pets and hire other outsiders.

The Eagle often announces future tweaks sometime following the NFL Draft each year. It was at the end of May when he did this in 2021. Something illuminating is progressing.

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