The directors and staff of Day Care responded to the court in Rio for the suspected abuse of children with cerebral palsy. Rio de Janeiro

A principal and two teachers at a day care school in Ramos, north of Rio, were taken to court and charged with abusing a child with cerebral palsy.

According to the complaint Ministry of Public Works The son Dante was adopted by the court Staying in an adaptive chair for hours, not changing position, not communicating with other children, and not providing enough water, can lead to urinary tract infections.

To the police and in interviews with g1, directors and employees Abuse denied: Said the child He had difficulty drinking fluids and was placed in a posture chair so that he would not fall (See also the article The fairness of the accused and Dante’s mother’s remarks about them).

Danielle, Pedagogue and Day Care School Director – Photo: Reproduction / Archive Private

Pedagog, director and owner of the Tempo de Construer Nursery School, Danielle Alves Baptista BonelAnd two teachers, Samantha Carla Alves Cavalcanti And Victoria Barros da Silva RosaThe victim, who was three years old at the time of the record, was condemned for abusing the victim.

Samantha and Victoria, day care school teachers – Photo: Reproduction / Archive Private

The mother and father of the son Dante, who turned four last Sunday (5), suspected that their son was being neglected after an anonymous consultation, saying that Dante had been locked in a chair for several hours.

The boy’s mother, Flavia Luzada, a military police officer, took the case to the 21st DP (Bonsusso). Seize HD with pictures from day care camera. That’s when the mother saw what was going on inside her son.

“At first I blamed myself a lot because I saw my son sitting in a chair struggling, crying. He would spend hours and hours uninterrupted. There are scenes where he struggles, extending his hand towards the employee and ignoring the employee”, he said. Said about. I saw. In the picture.

Louzada says her son has grade 4 cerebral palsy, which only affects the motor part of the child.

“His cognitive part is perfect, which makes it even more brutal. He was aware of everything. When he entered the school street, he started crying a lot, desperately,” his mother said.

Justice accepts the complaint

Chief Justice of the 41st Criminal Court Paolo Roberto Sampaio Jangutta accepted the public ministry’s complaint on May 30.

“He didn’t have enough food. He had days without water all day, so he was hospitalized with a urinary tract infection. When he got home from school, he was always thirsty. The girls at school said he was finished playing. Playground. They beat him. Locked up all the time, “said Dante’s mother.

In the document, the judge reported that the victim, 4-year-old Dante, “sat in his chair for hours and held on. He was in the day care center the whole time.”

The judge further complained in his judgment that Dante “received food with little cleanliness, apart from the food given to him by other students and the temporary change of diapers.”Sitting in his chair in the same position for hours, Not engaging in activities on the floor or interacting with other children. ”

According to the complaint, the school principal Dante was aware of the abuseAnd some of these moments took part, “because it didn’t even give water, kept him in his chair for hours, and even removed the mediator / special educator who went to class with the victim.”

A former employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told g1 that the day care director knew about the abuse and could do nothing to prevent it. “He is the one who instructed the teachers to lock the children in the car seats,” he reported

The G1 contacted the school’s defense and staff, who vehemently denied the allegations Classified as a smear campaign.

“We will speak at the appropriate procedural moment, when the school will be cited, but what I can say is that the school has evidence that there was no abuse and we have a lawsuit against the smear campaign that is already going on. The school,” he said. Lawyer Andrea Bonel.

Directors and employees protect the procedure

Oh g1 He was also at the day-care school that is still working and spoke with director Danielle Bonnell. He made a point of showing the advantages of the place, saying that due to Dante’s limitations, the car seat was the safest place for him.

“Nothing happened to the student. What happened was that the mother always contacted the mediator and talked to her every five minutes, but she got pregnant and had to leave. The new professional didn’t do that, then there were problems,” she said.

Picture provided by the school administration Dante: Happy children who took part in the activities – Photo: Private archive

Danielle added that she did not keep Dante on the floor due to health concerns and that the baby always had difficulty taking water.

“The chair is tilted so he doesn’t fall. He has a feeling to keep straight and it was the safest place for him. We were terrified of an accident with him. (Support for the baby to stand), I have a picture of him without anything. But he will fall a lot and we were afraid he would get loose and hit his head. “, Danielle corrected.

“I have a clear conscience, with my teachers, I just shuddered at not being able to go through it. It hurts because she was a current mother, she had a good relationship with us,” she said.

Mother’s fairness question

After hearing the argument, G1 returns to talk to Dante’s mother, Flavia Luzada, who questions the argument presented by the director in the report.

“Of course I wasn’t going to get a medical indication for him. It doesn’t make sense either. Bring a medical indication to get my son released. Why can’t other children and Dante? My son has limitations, but under the supervision of a mediator, he could stay on the floor, loose. “I have a picture of him sitting in a regular chair and even a bench without a back. He just has to look around at someone,” he said.

In a photo published by Dante’s mother: A child with limitations, but who did not need to be trapped. According to him, the boy got up from his chair just to take a picture and was released just for the photo – Photo: Private Archive

Regarding urinary tract infections, Flavia says her son has never had a problem drinking water and he has linked his son’s urinary tract infection to his behavior, which always comes from the day care center in a very thirsty state.

“If you look at the filming, it’s not just Dante. The other babies drink a little water, just two little fingers. Because those who drink less water urinate less. Change diapers. I’m just judging for my son and what he’s got. It is hard to imagine that he felt the first abuse in a school and it took me a while to see it “, he said.

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