The Digital Bank Startup for Children has won the competition

Yours Bank, a Brazilian digital bank targeting children and adolescents, has won a startup competition in South Summit Brazil, an innovation and technology event that took place in Porto Alegre. The announcement was made at the end of the program on Friday (8).

The idea for Your Bank comes from the experience of company CEO Felipe Diesel. Diesel worked as a teacher for 20 years and realized that there was a demand for a solution. The startup was created a year ago in Santa Rita (RS).

“We are not just a bank. The bank is what we make the easiest. We think about the whole journey of the user so that he can learn financial lessons while using it,” said Diesel. For him, the award indicates that the company is on the right track.

In addition to the main category, there were winners in four other categories. They take home a trophy – no cash prize.

See who wonঃ

  • Winner of the competition: Yours Bank
  • Most Measurable Startups: Generally
  • More sustainable startup: SoluBio
  • Best team: April
  • The most innovative / disruptive startup: Pix Force

Over the three days of the event (May 4th to 6th), 40 startups presented their initiatives to a group of judges named Bruna Travi, Banrisul’s innovation leader (Bank of Rio Grande do Sul), and Andre Godoy, super director of Rio Grande do Sul’s Sabre.

These 40 companies were divided into five areas:

  • Fintech and e-commerce
  • Climatech (focuses on solutions to reduce environmental impact)
  • The future of work
  • Industry 5.0
  • Digital solutions

Two were selected from each group, a total of ten finalists. They then had another chance to present their business this Friday, in three minutes, now, on the main stage.

Learn more about the finalists

Winner of the competition: Yours Bank (Brazil): Digital Bank aimed at children and adolescents. Parents can send money to the child through an application and monitor spending statements, while the child or adolescent can make purchases, check balances, make statements and set financial goals. The Yours Bank Won the competition.

naPorta (Brazil): A logistics company that provides favelas where conventional services do not reach. naPorta creates employment in the region by hiring operational leaders and delivery staff.

Winner of “More Sustainable” Category: SoluBio (Brazil): An agricultural company aimed at providing more sustainable and economical solutions for rural activities. SoluBio received the most durable award.

Therminer (Spain): Sustainable solution for data center companies, thinking about reducing energy costs and energy efficiency.

Winner of the “Best Team” category: APRICS (Brazil): seeks to enhance the efficiency of the energy sector and industry, including solutions based on information science. Aprix was considered a startup with the best team.

Talent Academy (Brazil): In terms of human resources, the organization defines itself as a platform for the development of people and culture. Startups work to improve employee management within the company.

Winner of “Most Innovative / Disruptive” Category: Pix Force (Brazil): Created a Software, Based on artificial intelligence, to automate virtual inspection processes in industries such as asset management, quality control, workplace safety and inventory calculations. The Pix Was recognized as a force Startup More innovative.

IPER (Brazil): Produces biodegradable dyes for the textile and food industries.

Winners of the “most measurable” category: Genial (Spain): An interactive tool for creating visual content. Janelle has received the most scalable startup award.

Trakto (Brazil): This is a digital solution aimed at creating images and content for social networks, resumes, e-books and presentations. Users can create fully customized templates or use existing ones on the platform.

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