The DF Health Department uses adult syringes to vaccinate children

The Federal District Health Department recommends that the vaccine be administered in children with syringes for adults. Spine experts agree that adult syringes can harm young ones because they have smaller fibers and muscle mass than adults.

There is also a risk that the fluid will be repellent after application, so the effectiveness of the immunizer may be disrupted.

Covid-19: What has been learned so far about vaccinating children


In a technical note obtained by Column, Red de Freo’s management at the Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate complained that three electronic auctions for the purchase of 3 সির 2.5 size 3 ml syringes had failed because samples had been sent and manufacturers had refused. These are ideal syringes for children.

According to official documents released on April 24 this year, the stock was already small, but it has declined further since the start of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 for the public from the age of 5 in January 2022.

The manager of Red de Freo, which controls supplies for vaccines and vaccine storage, said in the document that even the syringes sent by the health ministry were not enough to meet the current needs of children.

In addition to syringes for the care of children, the department recommends the use of large appliances with 25 × 6 or 25 × 7 needles.

The case is being investigated by the DF’s Public Ministry of Accounts. The agency has received a complaint about the lack of adequate syringes to serve the child population. In the column, MPC-DF said the incidents have been investigated and no decision has yet been reached on whether the irregularities existed or not.

The other end

In a note, the Department of Health stated that it provided training on vaccination techniques with 25 × 6 or 25 × 7 needles with 3ml syringes, to all vaccination teams. “During training, I was told that the needle should be inserted smoothly and safely through the skin towards the muscle and through the subcutaneous tissue,” he said.

The folder states that “the acquisition process is underway to purchase all versions of standard syringes by SES-DF.” Enables us to do and wait for delivery from the supplier, ”he said.

Finally, the Department of Health noted that the sending of syringes by the Ministry of Health “only to fill the vaccine against Covid-19, because it is an urgent campaign.” “The portfolio is still waiting for a schedule from the federal agency to receive new invoices for this input,” he noted.

The column has been requested from the Ministry of Health and is awaiting return. Space is open for possible protests.

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