The demand for ICU beds for infants and children in Parnambuco has risen to 228, the highest number in two years, the government says. Parnambuko

The number of requests for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds for infants and children at the Parnambuco Regulation Center has risen to 228 during the epidemic week, beginning May 15 and ending Wednesday (25). According to the state health department (SES), this number has been sent g1 This Tuesday (24), This is the highest rate recorded in the last two years.

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At the same time last year, there were 64 requests per ICU bed in the state. Family and health professionals have been shown to suffer because of waiting for infants and children for ICU beds. g1 One week ago. Since then, there have been several reports of frustrated parents and relatives and critically ill patients.

Two children died while waiting for an ICU bed at Parnambuco Hospital

Two children died while waiting in the ICU bed spot. A 1-month-old baby died before being transferred to such a bed on Tuesday (24). On Monday (23), an 11-month-old boy also died while waiting for an ICU bed at a hospital in Recife. (Watch the video above).

Also according to SES, in the previous epidemic week, which was May 8 to 14, 140 requests were registered, while at the same time in 2021, there were 58 requests. During the epidemic week between May 1 and 7, Pernambuco was responsible for 131 requests, up from 64 in the same period last year.

The number of minors waiting for vacancies in the ICU this Tuesday (24) was 8, 63 children and 15 children. In all, 73 people were waiting in bed for severe acute respiratory syndrome (Srag) patients, according to data transferred to the Parnambuco Public Ministry (MPPPE) by SES.

Although the number of ICU beds for this age group is now almost three times higher than last season, the number of requests has nearly quadrupled, according to the state and health department. In addition, the government has announced that it is difficult to open beds in this area due to lack of specialized professionals.

Respiratory Diseases Rise in Parnambuco – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

On May 18, the Secretary of State for Health, Andre Longo, said there had been an increase in respiratory illnesses that had never been seen before, with more and more severity and a greater frequency of requests for children’s beds.

According to SES, the number of requests for ICU beds for children has increased significantly compared to last year’s season.

The number of reported cases of Srag among children aged 0-5 years was 90 during the epidemic week between May 8-14, 2021 and 143 at the same time in 2022. During the week between May 15-25, in 2021, there were 101 cases And reached 147 this year.

The state is at the top of the transmission of respiratory viruses. The SES reported that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) was predominant in children up to 2 years of age and that there were rhinoviruses in boys and girls from that age.

RSV is one of the main agents of acute respiratory infections, which can affect the bronchi and lungs. Rhinovirus is the cause of the common cold, capable of developing more serious infectious conditions in children.

New beds and professionals

Government Approves Strengthening of Pediatric and Physical Therapy Shifts – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

The Parnambuco government has approved strengthening the transfer of pediatric and physical therapy to the state’s emergency care unit (UPA). Since last week, it has called in 90 professionals to strengthen the scales of pediatric referral units in the state health network, including physical therapists, speech therapists and pediatricians.

To deal with this overcrowded situation, the government has opened 60 pediatric ICU beds, which have been distributed in Araripina, Best Talhada, Olinda, Palmares, Guyana and Recife. This week, Jabota also plans to open 10 more beds in Dos Guarrapes and 10 in Bezeros.

Next week, 10 more pediatric ICU beds are expected to open at Fernando Figueira (IMIP), a professor at the Institute of Integral Medicine in Recife. Pernambuco currently has 280 children’s beds, including 150 in ICUs and 130 in wards.

On Monday (23), the MPPPE, through the capital’s health defense department, gave the state health department five days to work at Barওo de Lucena Hospital to prove the competence of three pediatricians hired last week.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, SES Barao de Lucena has promised to send a copy of the request to the Administration Department for the appointment of 12 doctors of different specialties to work at the hospital through a simplified selection.

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