The decree regulates the benefit of R $ 500 for children and adolescents who have lost their parents in Covid-19 in RN. Big North River

A decree issued this Friday (13) at the Rio Grande do Norte regulates the provision of R $ 500 benefits to children and adolescents who have lost their parents in Covid-19 throughout the epidemic.

The RN Acolhe program became law in the state in January 2022, but the rules for registration of beneficiaries have not yet been defined by the government.

According to the document, children and adolescents who are bilaterally orphaned can receive a benefit of R $ 500 per month – when both parents have died, at least one of them due to Kovid-19 – or young people who have a single parent family (father only). Or mother) who have succumbed to the disease.

In case of orphan siblings, each will get the benefit of R $ 500 individually. The amount must be adjusted annually.

Children must be paid until they reach the age of 18, but beneficiaries can remain in the program until the age of 24, if they are enrolled in a higher education institution.

Among the rules of registration, the decree stipulates that children must stay at the do norte in Rio Grande and that their minimum wage will not exceed 3 before the death of their parents. It is also necessary to register in the single registry (CadÚnico) for social programs.

They cannot participate in RN Acolhe minors who are already beneficiaries of the pension for death and who receive the equivalent or greater amount of the program. If the amount of Social Security is low, young people will be able to participate in the program and receive a complementary benefit of R $ 500.

The decree states that “those beneficiaries who are in a state of vulnerability and personal and social risk will be given priority, especially those in poverty or extreme poverty who are included in the CadÚnico Unitary Registry for Social Programs”.

The facility may be operated by the legal guardians of the orphans. In the case of young people in institutions dedicated to welcoming this public, resources should be locked into bank accounts, which at least replace inflation for a period of time, until they reach the age of 18.

The decree also provides for the documents required for registration, but the Secretary of Work, Housing and Social Assistance (CETHAS), who will be responsible for the payment, must notify a website to process the requests and define how the payment will be made. .

“Payments can be made through prepaid cards or government financial institution benefit payment cards,” the decree said.

To register, the following documents will be required:

  • Certified copy of the birth certificate of the child or adolescent, or in case of adoption, the official document which proves it;
  • Certified copy of the death certificate of the parents included in the birth record;
  • CadÚnico’s summary sheet copy;
  • Proof of enrollment in beneficiary CPF;
  • Certificate issued by the institution responsible for the pension scheme that the deceased was associated with, certification of payment of death pension due to dependent and relevant amount;
  • Evidence of family income that proves that parents or direct guardians did not receive more than the 3 minimum wage before death;
  • Terms of legal obligation issued by the Guardian Council or a copy of custody issued by a judicial authority or other relevant documents proving custody, guardianship or adoption of an orphaned child or adolescent.
  • Certified copy of legal guardian identification document (RG, CPF and proof of residence);
  • Expiration of liability for communication on incidents related to the request formulated through the portal provided by Sethas;
  • Application for benefits fulfilled by the legal guardian of the child or adolescent through a system provided by Sethas, or by a government employee with access to the municipality SUAS of the beneficiary’s residence;
  • Copy of CadÚnico summary sheet for proof of beneficiary’s residence.

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