The coronavirus dose ends at the health center and children aged 3 and 4 cannot receive the vaccine at Christmas. Great Northern River

Some health models in Natal have run out of doses of CoronaVac, stopping 3- and 4-year-olds from being vaccinated or finishing vaccination by way of a second utility.

In Brazil, presently, children of this age solely receive Coronavac. Anvisa even authorized, this September, Pfizer’s utility from 6 months to 4 years, however with a unique formulation and dosage. Thus, no particular batch is but distributed for this viewers.

Psychologist Mariana Menezes Silvino was in hassle this Thursday (22), who went to 2 vaccination factors and was unable to get her 3-year-old daughter a second dose of Coronavac to finish the vaccination schedule.

“I took my 3-year-old daughter to get her second dose of CoronaVac. I took it to Via Direta, the place she received her first dose, and they advised me it was out of inventory, which I might in all probability discover in the primary unit or in the plateau or in Ponta Negra. I appeared, I could not discover it. They directed me to UBS in Pirangi, I additionally went, I could not discover it. And there they advised me it was a typical deficiency and I would not discover it wherever”, he stated.

“I used to be very upset. I used to be not knowledgeable about any predictions. There are not any research to know the impact of delay. I hope my daughter won’t be harmed. But going by way of this expertise as we speak was fairly disagreeable”.

report of Inter TV Kabugi Natal’s Municipal Health Department (SMS) has been contacted to search out out if all posts in the metropolis have run out of doses, however latest publications on the matter have additionally yielded no response.

In this age group, vaccine interchangeability is just not really useful, i.e., administration of a second dose of one other producer’s vaccine in opposition to Covid in children who’ve acquired CoronaVac.

The drawback was confirmed by experiences in three different primary health models: Pitimbu, Candelaria and Avenida Romualdo Galvao.

Save the second dose

Kelly Lima, Coordinator of Health Surveillance of the Secretary of State for Public Health (SESAP), defined that ranging from the approval to vaccinate children aged 3 and 4 with coronavac, the Ministry carried out a examine and noticed that there wouldn’t be such a factor. This needs to be adequate dose for the complete inhabitants of the state.

Also, the Ministry of Health has introduced that it’ll not instantly distribute new doses, as the contract with Butantan has expired.

Faced with this example, the coordinator defined that the municipalities had been really useful to all the time preserve the second dose in order that they’re assured to finish the vaccination of those that acquired the first dose.

“We have transferred a few of the doses in order that we are able to begin in some areas of the state and assure that these children, after 28 days, will receive the second dose, the dose to finish the dose of the vaccine. The municipalities that began the vaccination all the time save the second dose, since There was no such forecast of dose arrival”, the coordinator defined.


According to Kelly, “From the calculations we did, we had been clear that 56,000 doses could be lacking in order that we may actually vaccinate all children on this age group”.


The coordinator defined that some municipalities claimed at the time that these doses had an expiration date once they led to August. “So they prolonged it to extra children of that age, and then most of the children did not full the routine with the second dose.”

Kelly defined that the forecast is that the new doses of the vaccine will probably be despatched by the Ministry of Health subsequent week and they are going to be distributed to the municipalities quickly.

“We requested the health ministry for 80,000 doses, realizing that we must have further numbers in case any doses are misplaced or misplaced or we all of a sudden receive children from different states,” he stated.

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