The consequences of the Steelers’ salary for the retirement of Stephon Tuitt

On Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers issued a statement from Stephon Tuitt announcing his retirement from the NFL. While some Steelers fans were shocked, others saw the possibility months ago.

The announcement on June 1 did not come about by accident. When you look at a player’s salary and payment results, June 1 is a very important day. When a player is released or leaves the NFL before June 1, all the money left over from their paychecks comes as a result of the upcoming season. But after June 1, only dead money was worth it in that season is calculated based on the pay cap and the amount lost from all the additional years is calculated in the next year’s pay cap.

Because June 1 used to bring in another team of freedom fighters as teams that were expected to be able to control their pay, the NFL came up with a system more than a decade ago that could select the two player teams that released June 1. such as having a name after June 1. This means that the extra money comes as a result of the June 1 payment when it arrives for the player to participate for free at the time of release. The system is still in use in the NFL today with several players being released this season and signing up after June 1.

Not only does the name after June 1 come in the form of a player release, it also applies if the player is on sale. When the Steelers sold Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders following the 2018 NFL season, he had the opportunity to appoint Brown to a post-June post. .

That is why even if NFL teams can select two people as a June 1 name via release or commercial, it will not work if the player leaves. During the 2021 season, quarterback Drew Brees suspended his retirement until June for the New Orleans Saints to release a $ 23 million deal that fell in two separate seasons.

Now that we have a clear explanation of the significance of June 1 in the NFL year, how does this affect Stephon Tuitt’s salary? First, let’s take a look at what the whole Tuitt contract looked like before retirement according to

$ 9,048,560 starting salary
$ 4,925,750 shared bonus
$ 13,975,750 high value

2023 to 2025:
$ 0 starting salary (years of worth)
$ 1,585,000 bonus added (annually)
$ 4,755,000 worth of value (all in 2023)

The first thing that stands out about Tuitt’s contract when he retires is the over $ 9 million he has to pay this season which he will never receive again. If Stephon Tuitt retired two months ago, all the proceeds from his released bonuses would have come this year and he would have had $ 9,680,750. With that money, the Steelers would have invested $ 4,295,000.

While a $ 4 million cut would seem like fun, Stephon Tuitt has announced his retirement after June 1, meaning only $ 4,925,750 in his 2022 fixed bonus will be calculated this season. For these reasons, Tuitt has now saved the Steelers $ 9,050,000 against a cap before the move. After the transfer, the amount will be more than $ 8 million.

While it always looks good to have more money, this means that $ 4,755,000 while Tuitt calculates the death toll in 2023 will still be in that year. I played for Tuitt in 2022 and he did not sign a new contract, this is the amount that the Steelers would have had due to the extra years added to his contract last season when it was renewed. So if the Steelers already anticipate this investment in 2023, it will not change anything for those starting next season.

One thing to keep in mind is that all the money that Stephon Tuitt counts against the Pittsburgh Steelers’ salary is not something that should not have been paid. Tuitt has already collected the fee. But as teams often do with a paycheck, this is just a subsequent calculation of the money they have already received.

The biggest problem when it comes to Stephon Tuitt’s contract is that he has already calculated more than $ 18 million in fees that have spread over the three years from 2021 to 2023 as he did not appear at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although less than half of the $ 9 million was donated to Tuitt last season, the remaining $ 9.2815 million comes as dead money.

For those looking for a higher salary with the retirement of the Steelers after the retirement of Stephon Tuitt, the figure will reach $ 20.5 million assuming no further surprises are taking place. As soon as his contract comes out in the books, check out the payday updates here at the Behind The Steel Curtain.

For more information on Stephon Tuitt’s career in retirement, see the latest article. Steelers Stat Geek Podcats:

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