The company fired employees who attacked a man married to a trans woman and was investigated for homophobia in the Greater Recife. Parnambuko

The removal of Viacon, this Monday (16), is being investigated by police for the manager and two persons gay, after attacking a colleague who married a trans woman, in Greater Recife. (Watch the video above). In a note, the agency said it had “initiated an internal process to investigate the reported information and is taking appropriate action”.

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In the statement, Viacon in Igarasu added that “the local management and people mentioned in the complaint were immediately removed” and that, at the end of the procedure, “after giving full protection and opposition to all, those involved will take appropriate disciplinary action”.

Klebson and Danielle decide to file a complaint after homophobic and transphobic attacks – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Mechanic assistant Klebson Gouvia Silva, 28, is on vacation and has received a video showing colleagues showing a vibrator and saying she forgot the “little toy” at the company.

Known as “Gallego”, he filed a police report with the Polista Police Station in Greater Recife on May 6 (Watch the video below)

7 men were attacked by their colleagues for marrying a transgender woman

The case was referred to the Cruz de Rebokas police station in Igarsu district, where Viacon, a company where Klebson operates and which provides services to City Hall in the same city, is located.

Klebson and his wife, hairdresser Danielle Manuel, 29, were unhappy with Viacon’s move.

“How do you know if there is a video, if there is evidence? They just suspended and it’s not fair. The right thing to do is dismiss the two people in the video, as well as all those responsible. The supervisor and the manager who knew everything. So, there is no way to be satisfied in such a situation, “said Danielle.

Klebson Gouvia Silva has been attacked at work since colleagues learned he married a trans woman. He said that when he went on vacation, he found a video circulating around the company, where two people said he had forgotten a vibrator in place.

He says this is not the first time he has been the victim of prejudice at work and the supervisor has been told what is already happening and has done nothing. According to Klebson and his wife, a man in charge of the company was also responsible for the attack.

The couple has been together for almost five years. Danielle said that before uploading the video with Vibrator, her husband’s colleagues discovered her given name and used it before she turned into a trans woman and started using it to try to dissuade Klebson. She further added that her husband had received a homophobic nickname and that the video was “the last straw”.

The municipality of Igarasur reported that the municipality’s director of human rights, Nattasha Vlasak, attended a meeting with Viacon this Monday and that she was “following the facts of the case.”

Data under reporting

Studies show that homophobia and transphobia are less reported

Studies show that homophobia and transphobia are less reported

An exclusive survey conducted by the journal National in 2020 shows that law enforcement faces a number of hurdles, leading to less reporting of homophobia and transphobia cases (Watch the video above)

According to the Department of Social Defense (SDS), from January to April 2022, 15 Intentional Deadly Violent Crimes (CVLIs) were recorded, which were identified as belonging to the LGBTQIA + group.

At the same time in 2021, ten victims were killed. According to the SDS, none of them were identified as transgender.

Although data released by SDS does not indicate a trans man, a trans woman was shot dead in July 2021 in Verjea, west of Recife.

On June 18, 2021, the body of another trans woman, known as Kalindra Selva, was found inside her home in Ipspe, south of Recife. His partner has been arrested for the crime.

In January of this year, a 34-year-old trans woman was shot dead on her way home from the Cabo de Santo Agostinho in Greater Recife. A trans woman known as Bruna has been killed in Granda, near Sartaur in Parnambuco.

The G1 questioned, this Monday, why these cases were not registered by SDS as killing of trans people and what would be done to prevent under-reporting, but no response was received until the last update of this report.

Although it was also questioned on Friday (13), SDS did not provide data on the Transphobia report and did not say if the data did not exist, why it did not exist or if there was any possibility of starting accounting. This complaint.

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