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Peter Grant (1935-1995), manager of Led Zeppelin, was compared (who remembers in the book to journalist Mick Wall Led Zeppelin – When the giants walked the earth) With the man who led Elvis Presley’s career with an iron fist, Colonel Tom Parker. As Wall himself recalls in the book, this was not the case. “G would cut off his hand rather than throw his artists into a river of commercial rubbish, leaving Colonel Elvis,” he wrote.

Grant was a man who never had a strong family nucleus, went through a number of childhood problems and created a “family” by prioritizing Led Zeppelin and protecting the band in every way possible. However, Peter Grant showed the fingernails of businessmen, journalists, broadcasters and anyone who has dealt with this group in a cross way. I would go to the record store and pick up the bootleg Led Zeppelin LP in my big hand – when it wouldn’t break in front of the salesman. After the band ended, he accumulated health problems, but lived a relatively quiet life away from the world of spotlights and concerts.

In Grant’s later years, one project that came to the fore was a film based on his life, produced by none other than Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the sex pistol. Check out Grant and Malcolm trying to explain the story in a 1994 interview during Canadian Music Week.

The conversation begins with the reporter asking about Grant’s aggressive side, a man who, in good times, spoke kindly, humbly and gently. “Does it really feel like I’ve done these things? Well, the method doesn’t matter if it gives results in the end,” the trader explained.

In the video above, a bored Malcolm Grant explains the importance of turning rock music into a business. But Grant heard from the interviewer that the pistol manager wanted to make the book based on the unfortunate biography. Hammer of the godsBy Stephen Davis, who distributed all the obscenities and debauchery surrounding the LEDs – in addition to the loud banging involved Grant.

“No, it has nothing to do with it. If it had been attached to the book, I would not have let him make the film,” he said. The most important thing Grant says is music.

(Incidentally, our pop phantom documentary podcast has episodes about Led Zeppelin and the sex pistol)

The McLaren movie actually goes through several ups and downs (the book says Bring it home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin and beyond, By Mark Blake) McLaren decided that the more hedonistic and (let’s say) bad side of Led and its director was more interesting. A summary of the film (which had a working title at the beginning The Godfather of Rock’n’Roll) Promoted through various production companies. And the idea came up that Daniel Day could play the role of Lewis Grant (“Let’s fatten him up like they did with Robert De Niro”) The indomitable bull“, Says McLaren).

The story got right into trouble because of Grant and former LED tour manager Richard Cole’s option of focusing the original script on TrueCullen. Grant’s daughter found the script “exciting.” McLaren made one last attempt: joined as a police officer director Dirty callMike Figgis, and Jeremy Thomas, co-producers of the film about his sex pistol, Great Rock’n Roll Cheat.

The two, including McLaren (died, you know, in 2010) spent hours interviewing Grant in a hotel suite. The new script, based on an interview with Grant, was canceled for one basic reason: full of bizarre revelations, the script would resist until permission was granted to use lead zeppelin songs in the film. However, at least the project has got everyone back looking for grants for interviews. And he was invited to Canada Music Week – which turned out to be his last public appearance.

If you have time, here is Grant’s full Canadian Music Week talk. More than an hour story.

And it was Grant, a few years ago (1988), who made it clear that he did not like a trend of the time: managers who joined the record company and forgot about their contracts. In the end, it leaves lessons for new entrepreneurs. “Trust your artists,” said the late Grant.

Now, to really find Peter Grant, take the dock Mr. Rock n Roll, From BBC4 (below on YouTube and other links, Here)

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