The children who ‘reborn’ after dramatic situations in ES

Espirito Santo has recorded a series of recent episodes that could turn into a terrible tragedy involving children. Fortunately, the stories had a positive outcome and A Gazeta collected cases of these little survivors who were virtually reborn according to parental assessments.

On February 26 this year, one-year-old Miguel Ferrez, a one-year-old boy, was bitten by a dog while having lunch with his father and grandmother at a bar in Villa Velha’s Praia de Itaparika. .

While the child was playing near the pogo stick, seeing a truck, which he always liked, he ran towards the railway line that shared the space with the road. At that moment, the dog attacked him, which surprised the baby’s sudden movement. The baby was hit on the lips and one cheek just below the eyes.

“She had six vaccines, she doesn’t need them anymore, but she is still being treated with antibiotic eye drops because her eyes get very irritated in the morning, the doctor said. Other than that, he’s fine now, “said his mother, Talita Ferez.

He says the first days of the attack were complicated, the little one had trouble sleeping and refused to take the necessary medication. However, after a few weeks, the feeling is relieved.

Talita Ferez

The mother of a child bitten by a dog

“My son could have been blind. He could have been hurt more. It’s a relief.”

Children injured by dog ​​bite at Villa Velha Bar. Credit: Family Archive

The man who intimidated the family was 11-year-old Arthur Bettero Afanso, who lives in Kolatina, northwest of the state. In December 2021, Capixabinha was playing ball with friends on a field in Nomia Vitali neighborhood when he was bitten by a scorpion and his parents had to take him to a hospital, where he was hospitalized for three days in intensive care. The unit (ICU) is child-friendly.

“She was playing in the street when she was bitten. He spent about three days in the ICU, then left for home, “said his father, Wesley Saggiani Afanso.

Wesley Sagiani Afanso

Arthur’s father, bitten by a scorpion

“If it had been a small child, he probably wouldn’t have survived. My son had tachycardia, which was reversed, but it was scary.”

He explained that Arthur had been treated with anti-scorpion and anesthetic serum and had undergone multiple tests to rule out more serious problems.

“Her heart rate has reached 154, which is too much for a kid her age. You start to question why these things are happening. She’s still being followed by a cardiologist. But, thank God, everything was fine.”

Her condition is still critical, as she had severe nervous sciatica. However, according to her mother, Camilla Cristina da Silva, the little girl is responding well.

“He’s getting better every day, we see signs of improvement, laughter, he says goodbye, God is acting, in his time, in his way, but he’s acting. He is evolving. “

    Arthur Bettero Afanso, 11, spent three days in ICU after being sprayed with a scorpion in Kolatina
Arthur Bettero Afanso, 11, spent three days in the ICU after being bitten by a scorpion in Kolatina. Credit: Wando Fagundes

Camilla Cristina da Silva

Lice’s mother

“She was born in my womb, but God gave her the chance to be born again. Her life is a miracle.”

On the morning of January 16, while the two were playing, his 10-year-old sister accidentally shot him. For now, the lye still do not walk or talk and are fed through a tube. However, according to her mother, she is developing. “And the relationship with his sister is great. They were always good. Lyce tries to communicate, he hears everything, understands everything and we believe it will only get better. “

The little one was hospitalized for more than three weeks at the Children’s Hospital in Vittoria, where she was infected with a bacterial infection and spent three days in a coma. For the girl’s mother, Angelica Drager Schroeder, the daughter is a miracle.

“God did such a miracle in my daughter’s life. She had a high fever, it didn’t go down at all. They tested it for bacteria and pneumonia. She was put to sleep for three days, but I asked God and today, she’s super well.” Reported in an interview with the Gazette in February. Throughout March, the family tried several times to contact the family for an update on the report, but there was no response.

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