The Capitals believe the old age could still win the Stanley Cup, but sadly for giving the list to the Panthers.

The Washington Capitals were surprisingly uncooperative and had fewer goals in the regular season while the Panthers set a record for the highest goals in a single season (340) and won the Presidential Challenge. The first two teams do not seem to compete. Instead, the Capitals with the eighth seed pushed the Atlantic Division experts to the final.

Capitals played a game against the Panthers and committed to defensive play. “We can play some dirty hockey in the beer league in the summer, can’t we?” saw Evgeny Kuznetsov on the list. The Capitals often have the best goals from Ilya Samsonov in the five games played.

The Capitals managed to lead 2-1 in Three Games, but were unable to close. Despite having a lead in the next three games, the Capitals lost the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth games, and went round for the fourth consecutive season.

The Caps have not won a playoff series since 2018 when they won their only Stanley Cup in franchise history. After the Panthers’ 4-3 fall in extra time, unpleasant questions were raised for the leadership team, including whether its old foundation could win another race. Alex Ovechkin is 36, TJ Oshie is 35, Nicklas Backstrom is 34 and is recovering from a thigh injury that sidelined him for several months this season, and John Carlson is 32. The first defender was on ice. for any Panthers. ‘The (fourth) goal he scored in Game Six.

“Well, I think you can see how we play the best team in the regular season,” Ovechkin said. “We’ve got it, we just blew it up. It’s up to us. It’s on me, it’s on Backy, it’s on Osh, it’s on Carly, it’s on everyone. It was like things have changed.”

“The last three games have been in our hands,” added TJ Oshie. “This comes with finding a way to work out. In the last few years, we’ve been down and the teams have been working with us. I don’t think all form has been in the last few years. This year, I think we were very close to being 100 percent everyone on the pitch. three of us.In the playoffs, the error margin is very low.One bad jump or a few misses can change the course of the game and all of a sudden – think you’re going to their barn 3-1, and 2-2; top 3-0, losing 5-3; now come here 2-1, and I think it was at least 10 minutes maybe, and then suddenly we went down a few minutes ago. Things happen so fast. We didn’t close the door. There is no other way to explain.

After lifting the Lord Stanley Cup, the Capitals were unable to repeat as champions in 2019, having lost seven games to the Carolina Hurricanes. In 2020 Bubble Loffs, which was the most exciting time in our world due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Capitals met head coach Barry Trotz and did not appear to miss their game, losing in five games. There was a noise from the players not taking the event seriously. Todd Reirden was fired and Peter Laviolette entered the picture. Not too flexible. In 2021, the Capitals were eliminated in five games, but this time by the Boston Bruins. That year, Capitals had a devastating impact on its top stars.

2022 looks like it could not be different, but it was. Against the Florida Panthers, the Capitals had a fifth-place finish 56 per cent to 44 per cent, but the Capitals kept most errors out. The Capitals, surprisingly, managed to have the most dangerous chances in the series, 60 to 57. The Capitals lost in the expected targets, but slightly: 12.54 to 13.32. The Capitals also did not miss the Florida goal of the game in the series (0-18). Florida was the only team in the first round that did not win the PPG.

“Their mistakes are very good,” said Nicklas Backstrom. “It doesn’t take much for him to go. When he finds a goal, he burns it and begins to roll over. Just looking at the list, we gave them. ”

The sixth game was the only game that the Capitals tested the Panthers on five (51.4% to 48.6%), but the two iffy goals awarded by Samsonov caused the Capitals to chase the game.

“We played with a team that became the best team in the league,” said Peter Laviolette. “They played a lot of them and the game could have gone either way. They didn’t go for us. I think that’s the part you should allow to stay in your stomach for a while.

In the extended period of the Sixth Game, Martin Fehervary completely replaced Carlson, but the Norris Trophy finalist who finished twice was unable to clear the air and clear the spot. Later puck found a way to Carter Verhaeghe who scored his sixth goal in the first inning.

“It goes back to what TJ said,” Carlson said. “Is everyone investing? Obviously, from the bat, this makes it easier (because it was). “

The most important game in the entire series was that Garnet Hathway missed an empty goal by inches in Game Four. The Panthers built one minute later and won again in extra time through a Verhaeghe goal.

“It didn’t happen (it happened),” Laviolette said. “You can’t live in that country. You need to close the door. ”

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