The Bucks’ Game 5 victory over the Celtics was explained by 10 seconds of defensive champion Jrue Holiday.

BOSTON – The relationship between Giannis Antetokounmpo and his partner Khris Middleton, now nine, is well known for his depth and confidence.

Jrue Holiday Relationships …

“It’s breaking, it’s breaking!” Antetokounmpo said the Milwaukee Bucks ended their long-serving bout with a 110-107 Game 5 victory over the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night to take a 3-2 lead.

“I love him.”

Antetokounmpo, the space above his right eye covered with skin glue after several attempts to close the scars that plagued him for the entire fourth term, had just finished the Holidays and hugged after the last riot – and it was right.

The Bucks sold the first three Vacation options in 2020 – the contract of a 30-year-old security guard asked for at the time – and finally signed an additional $ 135 million last year. The same ones who felt like an advertisement offered another one that has become a long list of self-defense gemstones. For this reason, one is diamond, the other is ruby.

The sheer size of the game he made with eight seconds left with the Bucks and one point – after being miraculously reciprocated by Bobby Portis who was supposed to write his book – is hard to communicate even when you see it and repeat it.

The holiday was to protect Jaylen Brown, who scored 16 of 26 points in the third round. But the Celtics were the fourth to attack a simple sign, Pat Connaughton, and that’s when Marcus Smart went for a good shot. It had worked, because Smart was on the inside to look his best when the Holiday left Brown.

What happened next was all the desire, instinct and opportunity to be ready. Holiday said at a time when he believed Smart could not see if Brown opened it. Vacation was appropriate; instead, Smart never saw blur wearing No. 21 who tore the rifle in his hand before joining the Celtics as the winner of the game.

But instead of knocking it down and putting it at risk of losing the ball to keep Boston and another chance to win, Holiday caught the ball inside to try and save. When he came down from the top, he was near the starting line and had to dance to control the ball and stay within the limit. But Holiday took the ball and threw it from Smart to save and finish the best theft you can see.

Smart, who was just named NBA Defensive Player of the Year, was speechless.

“It’s not like I planned or anything,” Holiday said. “I just followed it; it was natural.”

The Celtics still had a chance to build the ball with 5.9 seconds, down by three points after a Holiday forced return that made for two free throws to separate the needed for Connaughton. But Holiday iced Smart again, picking up his bag as he ran downstairs looking for a way to get the Celtics 3-pointer. Within minutes, Vacation was in Antetokounmpo’s hands, with the Bucks winning one by one.

“She’s a winner. Jrue Holiday is a winner,” said Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer. “Ask the players in this league, every coach in this league, is a winner.”

All of this ignores the fact that Holiday scored eight of 24 points in the fourth quarter, including a 3-pointer with 42 seconds tied to complete the 14-point Bucks return. With Middleton separated from a bent knee, the Bucks need Holiday’s fault and his defense.

Antetokounmpo was the dominant player in the game, with 40 points and 11 rebounds. The Bucks were on several ropes, and an attack on Antetokounmpo’s basket kept them in the game. Portis then made a difference with his return, which came after Brown and Smart lost control as they both took part in a dispute that turned out to be one of the most dangerous moments in all NBA games.

Last season, the Bucks’ most notable head-on run came as Kevin Durant’s basket at the end of Game 4 just forced extra time at the Brooklyn Nets because his finger was on the 3rd line. he was able to restore.

But even with the bucket of Portis and the wisdom of Antetokounmpo, Holiday was a hero.

“We are in Boston, we have gone down in the 14th quarter and people would say it’s all against us,” Holiday said. “But we come together. I feel like we’ve done that several times and we live and die because of it. Having each other’s backs, clasping hands and going out to fight – honestly, just leave the line.”


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