The Browns should just cut Baker Mayfield and get involved

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Brown had a bird in his hand. He followed the proverb into the wilderness. It worked. And yet they are still clinging to the bird in their hand.

Chris Simms and I spent a lot of time on Monday PFT Live Resolving the controversy that it is wrong for Brown to dodge quarterback Baker Mayfield, having joined quarterback Deshaun Watson. It’s a high-end high price. He made $ 230 million to acquire Watson. So what is $ 18.8 million (excluding anything they can get with the new team) if they cut the ropes at Mayfield?

Mr. Brown thinks that the deep price may be slightly lower or recurring, if the current trading opportunity is likely to emerge sometime from now with the start of the fixed period, or even the last day of trading. But this depends on a list of things that may not be possible.

First, the team must lose its current founder. Second, the group must choose another option and not “the next person.” Third, the Brown should be the ones to make a deal at Mayfield before the 49ers reach Jimmy Gaoppolo.

There is another way to earn a living or a portion. If Mayfield makes his uncle and leaves part of his guaranteed salary or if Mayfield can say or do something to cut him off for reasons other than skill, injury, or hat, Brown can come out with a victory.

In the meantime, Mayfield’s constant presence in the team poses another setback for the Browns. And certainly amazing. Even if Brown wins this partnership with the quarterback he can’t wait to be removed from the list, nothing could help them win the game, especially in 2022.’s story last week about Baker and Browns’ status shows that the bridge has been completed. There is no rebuilding, although Watson was suspended for one year and the Browns tried to persuade Baker to continue for another season. If, as reports, Mayfield and / or his teammates believe that the Browns deliberately tried to look bad in a high-profile game in Pittsburgh, Mayfield is being targeted by the Browns.

“Not if he wants $ 18.8 million this year,” said Jimmy Haslam and / or Chief Strategy Officer (who has never done much to help Cleveland) Paul DePodesta would say. But it’s the kind of blindness, misconceptions that cause Brown to get caught up in things other than having a winning team.

While Mayfield does not seem to be very popular with his teammates, it is good for some players to think that the Browns have tainted Baker. He told her later that he would be the young man of 2022. Later, he told his assistants at Scouting Combine that he would be the young man only if he found someone like Watson, Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson. Then, the Browns claimed that Watson’s sales were five months in the making – even after five years, Praise Mary is completely guaranteed.

JuJu was right. Brown and Browns. Even when a team is highly competitive, confusion persists in the team. Their Mayfield management confirms this. In an effort to treat him as a property and not as a person whose job it is to earn a living for himself in the near future, Browns is sending a very serious message to the current and future members of the club.

But, hey, no one should be surprised. With the Chief Strategy Officer on pay, there is always a way, for everything. Even when the best way would be to stop strategizing and do the right thing.

All I have to do is cut Mayfield and move on. It’s good for him, and it’s good for the team – even if the Chief Strategy Officer fails to see it.

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