The Brazilian Navy has announced amendments to public tenders, including 686 vacancies

Candidates need to pay attention during new exams; See more details

The Navy Personal Selection Service (SSPM) has published two amendments to its public tender for admission to Escolas de Aprendizes – Sailors (CPAEAM) in 2022.

According to the document (Amendment II) Specific site links have been added for each location.

Previous corrections

According to the published note (Amendment I), The candidate must be in the place where Purposeful written test With the necessary advance notice, note that there will be an entrance gate where the test will be held Open at 8 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. (Brasilia time). After closing the gate, the time limit for appearing in the room will be 9:50 am.


According to the public announcement, 686 vacancies in the professional field of mechanics will be filled, distributed among men (638) and women (48); Electronics and support. It is important to note that some of these vacancies are intended for candidates who meet the criteria established in the public notice.

The Sailor Training Course for Active Life (C-FMN) will be conducted at Escolas de Aprendizes-Marinheiros (EAM) under an internship system, completely free and for one academic year, conducted during a single school period. 48 weeks., So that basic education and military-naval education will be taught. During this course, in addition to providing food, uniforms, medical-dental, psychological, social and religious support, the sailor apprentice will receive a grant for his / her graduation, totaling R $ 1,303.90, including R $ 1,105 .00 related to military pay, R $ 143.65. Relating to military surplus and R $ 55.25 relating to additional compensation for military availability, as provided by law.

EAMs is a military education institution of the Brazilian Navy (MB), which aims to train sailors and sailors for the Marine Corps. There are currently four schools: Escola de Aprendizes-Marinheiros do Ceará (EAMCE), in Fortaleza; School of Apprentice-Sellers of Parnambuko (EAMPE), in Orlando; School of Apprentice-Sailor-Espirito Santo (EAMES), in Villa Velha and School of Apprentice-Sailor-Sailor of Santa Catarina (EAMASC), in Florianopolis.

To apply for one of the opportunities, candidates must be Brazilian-born or naturalized, both sexes, according to industry. 12, I and II of the Federal Constitution; Do not marry or have a stable union and do not have children, during which time they will be subject to the rules of the apprentice-sailor school under the terms of Act No. 6.880 / 1980; Must be 18 years of age and under 22 years of age on June 30, 2023, according to Act No. 14,296 of January 4, 2022; Successfully completed 3rd year of high school or nearing completion; Among other requirements.

Procedure for participation

Official Brasilia / DF time, March 28, 2022 to April 10, 2022, can be entered via the Internet, through the website. Navy.

The participant selection process will consist of seven steps:

Purposeful, objective and aptitude tests;

মূল Biographical information verification and documentary verification, elimination;

Health inspection, eradication;

● Entrance physical fitness test, elimination;

Psychological assessment;

● Heteroidentification method.

The first phase, similar to the objective test, is scheduled for June 5, 2022 and will last four hours. The assessment will consist of 50 multiple choice questions in Mathematics, Portuguese, Science (Physics and Chemistry) and English.

The tests will be held in the following cities: Rio de Janeiro; Angra dos Reis; Nova Friburgo; Sao Pedro da Aldea; Old village Belo Horizonte; Savior; Christmas; Olinda; Power; Bethlehem; St. Louis; Big river Porto Alegre; Florianopolis; Thief; Brasilia; Sao Paulo; Santos and Manaus.

This public tender will expire on the first day of the sailor training course.


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