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Exchanging gifts for the needy is something that a boy in the countryside of Sao Paulo delights in. On her tenth birthday, she decided to dedicate herself to collecting milk for children with cancer. As of Friday night (13), the grant has already exceeded 1,200 liters.

Luiz Augusto Bastida is from Sorokaba (SP) and will be ten years old on May 26. In late April, she started a social media campaign to raise milk for babies with cancer. The boy’s mother Erica Bastida provided the information g1 What was the duration of that collection like?

“We started collecting milk on April 27th and decided that we could receive it by May 13th. We wanted to deliver it as soon as possible because they really needed it. We got it from a school that has built a solidarity, from a university. “From friends who sent us messages, from family and from people on social networks,” he reports.

Collection has already exceeded 1,200 liters – Photo: Private archive

According to Erica, in addition to the liters of milk they received and went to fetch from people’s homes, many sent money to buy products for her. Milk distribution will be held at GPC next Tuesday (18) afternoon.

“With the money we received, we bought over two kilos of modeling clay for the hospital class teachers to work on some psychomotricity.”

With generosity in his heart, Luiz thanked everyone who contributed to the collection and also requested prayers for the children of the warring country Ukraine.

Having already had the experience of being in the ICU with her eldest daughter Anna Julia, Erica knows what parents and kids go through.

“Fighting for life’s courage is a small part of what we can give to these children. It’s also a way to help the entity, to help families, because we finally give them something and help the child cope with it. A little more support, All this pain and suffering.

Fundraising for epidemics

Fundraising for Louise Augusto’s 9th Birthday – Photo: Private archive.

Last year, on the epidemic issue, Luiz Augusto, who likes to celebrate, could not have a party on his 9th birthday. Since she has a sister with autism and comorbidities, the chances of people getting together were nil.

“We made a to-do list for her birthday and I came up with the idea to have a party with the four of us here at home. But she wanted something to get the kids involved and I came up with the idea. Liked and said that people can give gifts to these kids through it. ”

Fundraising for Louise Augusto’s 9th Birthday – Photo: Private archive.

Through contact with a friend, they agreed with the entity about the food that was most needed for that moment. It collects milk, chocolate, tomato sauce and olive oil, four essential products that are not in the collection.

“We made a video and people started looking for us to donate, both type and money. At that time, we had 54 kg of chocolate milk, 750 liters of milk, 30 bottles of olive oil, 20 cans of tomato paste and 30 sauces.”

Fundraising for Luis Augusto’s sister’s birthday for Santa Casa – Photo: Private archive

On her sister’s birthday, in August last year, she proposed more donations to the oncology ward at Santa Casa. Geriatric diapers and coconut water were collected. “We’ve got a lot of grants too. It’s pretty nice.”

Collection of bottle caps for an NGO that buys dog food – Photo: Private archives

But this is not the first time that Luiz has helped people. She also collected soda seals to help buy a wheelchair.

“Today, he is collecting bottle caps for an NGO that buys food for abandoned dogs on the street. He has always had this problem of wanting to help.”

“We are very happy to be able to do this. We do not gain anything from status, personal marketing, money, we gain a lot from faith, strength, joy and a desire to be able to help. It makes us very strong. I can see Luiz doing this. More committed to “, says mother.

Family of Luiz Augusto – Photo: Personal Archive

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