The Boston Celtics are outraged by the ‘bad phone call’ of late losing the Milwaukee Bucks

MILWAUKEE – Every member of the Boston Celtics inside the Fiserv Forum on Saturday afternoon was in disbelief.

As the clock ticked and the Celtics were coached by three, Jayost Brown of Boston handed the ball to Marcus Smart on the edge. Immediately, Smart tried to shoot him with Milwaukee Bucks guard Jrue Holiday without giving him a chance at all. The whistle blew as soon as Holiday’s hand passed over Smart.

However, to the delight of many of the 17,736 attendees and to the dismay of every Celtic party member, the disgusting thing was called down – tore – instead of three shots. Smart threw the first free kick and deliberately missed the second to give Boston another chance but none of the three came back, giving Milwaukee a 103-101 victory and a 2-1 lead in the top seven in the league.

Boston coach, Ame Udoka, said bluntly that he had heard that singing was wrong.

“It was ugly. It was ugly. He grabbed the ball, he was changing,” said Udoka, urging people to shoot each other and not to call the ground. “Both feet are fixed. You can’t say this is sweeping. You’re going to shoot. That’s a poor call.

Asked how to explain, Udoka said he was told that Smart was sweeping his hands.

“I saw it for myself but I also saw it in the film so I just went and watched it,” said Udoka. “They’re shooters. They’re being shot. They made mistakes in the air. Bad missed calls.”

Asked about the posting of the post, Smart asked each reporter in the room what their thoughts were. Before he could actually answer, Smart said, “I mean, that’s all I have to say.”

Smart said at the time, it was not logical for him to try to move knowing the Celtics needed to play tie.

“You need three [points] with 4.6 seconds, he knows we need three, “said Smart.” We know he has done something wrong. It’s not like they found me when it was low. I was already in my shooting range. I thought it would be a three free throw; they said it wasn’t.

Instead, Smart threw the first free kick before deliberately missing the second in an attempt to give the Celtics a chance. Smart, Robert Williams III and Al Horford all tried but no one fell. Horford’s second attempt, which went through the basket and heard some of the Celtics bench celebrate, was a tenth of a second after the clock.

“Smart set up a good time,” Horford said. “I was able to get back. more. “

Smart said he called the phone to try his own free throw and let his friends know it was coming but pointed out that there might be some missed calls when his friends tried to shoot at the end.

“It was perfect. I missed it perfectly,” Smart said. “No one was ready. [Milwaukee Bucks forward Bobby Portis] it drags me by the shoulders which makes me lose. But I looked better. I have it in the kidneys. As Al said, we had a limited chance but it did not help. “

Boston had 13 points left in the fourth quarter before coming back to lead 100-99 on Jaylen Brown’s free throw and 1:49 to play. Milwaukee was unable to respond to his findings and Boston had four more chances but Smart and Brown both missed 3 points.

Next time on the ground, Giannis Antetokounmpo hit the spot to lead the Bucks. After another stop, Holiday hit a bucket in the road to push forward 103-100 and 11.2 to go. Udoka made an outgoing play that could have gotten two in a hurry, but this was thwarted by the Bucks.

“Smart threw me into a corner,” Brown said. “Jrue Holiday was on me. He did a good job of pressuring me. I was trying to get to my place and he removed it so I went back to Smart.”

That’s when Brown decided to sing at the end of the game.

“You have to understand the time and score,” he added. “We’re three down. We’re looking to raise one. I thought it was obvious. All year long they’ve been calling down what we hear. But time and goals, I think they missed one.”

Holiday said he thinks Smart is still looking the other way when the connection took place. “That’s not a shot,” Holiday said. “It wasn’t dealing with kidneys.”

Milwaukee team coach Mike Budenholzer said the goal was not for the Bucks to offend the three as well, but he was lucky that the singing was for two free games instead of three.

There were several times when Udoka decided to take advantage of his situation before deciding to take part in a block / charge call against Grant Williams at 5:57 in the fourth round. Without that problem, Udoka could not have asked the authorities to see if Smart was at risk of late shooting.

“You want to save more in the end,” Udoka said. “But their explanation if they don’t fall down, they don’t call. Then I’ll train my guys to fly a lot.”

Despite a suspicious call at the end of the game, the Celtics were the most violent team in the final 16:30 of the game. At the same time, Boston shot 17 for free compared to zero for Milwaukee. However, there were a lot of playing games that both teams had in the tournament.

But sometimes Udoka saw his team get very upset and did not return to defense. After Williams complained about not appearing on one side, Pat Connaughton hit a 3-pointer on the other side capturing an angry moment from Udoka.

“As much as they allow you to play, you have to play and be patient,” said Udoka. “If they call it that way in both directions, you have to play with it and not make a phone call.”

Boston did not score well in all games, failing to shoot 35% in each of the first three games before hitting 11 shots out of 22 quarters – three of them came late. Brown and Horford combined for a 17-of-33 shot for 49 points but the Celtics had a break night for Jayson Tatum at the worst possible time. He finished with 10 points, on 4-of-19 shots and missed six of his 3 appearances.

As he did in Game 2, Tatum walked into a press conference wearing black around his left arm and arm. He grabbed her arm after bracing himself on the dunk in the second half when he was insulted by Antetokounmpo. He also said that his hand hurts after the game but “that’s what I’ve been experiencing for about two months now.” He said it was nothing he had ever done in the past.

Tatum said he was injured for the first time in a fall two months ago and that although resting would help him, it was sometimes difficult because it continued to hit. He insists that the wound is healed, however.

Tatum was also disappointed with the team’s performance, and it was a game he felt he should have won.

“I mean they played well. I have to give them credit,” Tatum said. “But I think the frustrating part is that everything is considered, we were lucky and we came back and gave ourselves a chance to win the game. And we didn’t. And it’s hard.”

ESPN’s Jamal Collier contributed to the discussion.


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