The Blue Jays are gaining recognition after sweeping, the eighth consecutive victory

TORONTO – This is the Blue Jays you were looking forward to.

Even as he pulled the winning streak in April and May, the endless play of upcoming games brought a bit of a heat wave with them. This was a chess match with a photo shoot, but the 2022 Blue Jays was built to be a rock concert inside the carnival.

That’s what Thursday afternoon’s 8-3 win over the White Sox at Rogers Center looked like. Make five consecutive Blue Jays and sweep in a row, and in the end, the stars are playing.

It all started with Alek Manoah, who is no longer the right-hand man who is making his name in the big leagues. With 7 2/3 innings of three-yard touchdowns, no one should have scored for Manoah after forcing an eight-yard touchdown run, his ERA sits at 1.98. This is one of the best pitchers in baseball right now, coming out as a cornerstone.

“We are showing a lot of heart,” said Manoah after the victory. “There were a lot of conversations at first when the mistake was serious, but then it was a game plan. Keep relying and keep moving forward. Now, we see how good they can be.”

Thursday was for Manoah the vine, and it is thanks to the 24-year-old that he already has his “grapes” for one year. When Manoah hit the first two games when he reached the game that could have been made, he fell to the ground and escaped the pressure, paralyzing Yasmani Grandal with a broken ball inside the last corner of the first inning before jumping off a cliff and chasing. head for the river. He just got better from there.

Bo Bichette joined in one of the best defensive careers in his career, from third-back Matt Chapman to set up Josh Harrison starting before crossing the diamond – in other words – to end the top five. inning.

In the next frame, as Manoah chewed on another part of the White Sox line, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was playing a mini golf course in the arena, using coach Voon Chong’s feet as a cup.

Meanwhile, Raimel Tapia was destroying the basics, the jumps jumping secretly behind him as he helped create the first two rounds of the game. In the second run, he came from the first one on the Santiago Espinal twice and got into the backpack, stopping to get the dirt out twice before coming out. Later, Teoscar Hernández returned home, and came to strike twice in the eighth inning as the Blue Jays battled four innings for insurance.

“Everyone began to feel better, and then I started to feel better,” said Hernández. “My running back is back and we’re having good bats. That’s a big thing for us right now. We’re doing everything we want to do in the game, and the results will be there.”

This is an experience that has been missed in Toronto games, even for the winners. This series ends with skill, style and personality, but all of this is not reflected in the 2-1 bullpen battles.

Now, we see the Blue Jays succeeding in the Blue Jays way.

“Before that, we won two out of three and just sat there,” said manager Charlie Montoyo. “It is difficult to beat people with the same speed all the time. I have always said that once we start batting, if we continue to throw and catch the ball like we did, we will start to win more games in a row. This is exactly what is happening now. ”

This recent run has blown the Blue Jays from 22-20 to 30-20, still well behind the Yankees in the American League East but in a better position as they enter the season.

April and May were tough on opponents, too. The Blue Jays saw a lot of the Yankees with a mix of Astros mixed, and even the smaller teams that lost their records managed to play close to them. Now, Toronto could look ahead to the road trip next week against the Tigers and Royals, both of whom sit below .500.

From here, deception is all about support. This is the first time the Blue Jays have appeared to be on the right track, however, it looks like the ’22 hunt is over.


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