The biggest victims of rape in Brazil are children and adolescents – Durados Agora

Source: Camera News Agency

The National Secretary for the Rights of the Child and Adolescents, Mauricio Cunha, reports that in 2021, Dial 100 has more than 100,000 allegations of human rights abuses against children and adolescents – a number from the Ministry of Women, Families and Human Rights. Receives allegations of human rights violations.

“Unfortunately, it is the population that suffers the most, and those who suffer the most in Brazil are the most vulnerable, compared to other vulnerable groups. Dial 180 contains more allegations of violence against women. This is a big concern for us, because this is the group that needs to be protected the most, “he said.

The statement was made during a debate on “Fighting Violence in Early Childhood”, this Tuesday (10), in partnership with the Mixed Parliamentary Front for Early Childhood, published by the Women’s Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies. The debate is part of Mayo Laranga’s campaign to prevent child and adolescent abuse and sexual exploitation.

The Secretary also drew attention to the under-reporting of the case. According to him, some authors estimate that 20 other complaints are not made for each complaint. On May 18, the National Day for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, the Secretariat will launch a national plan to prevent violence against children and adolescents. According to him, until then, Brazil had a plan to combat sexual violence only against children and adolescents, and the new plan would cover physical, emotional and institutional violence in addition to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

The plan will guide and direct states, municipalities and civil society organizations and will bring in action, indicators for measuring outcomes, those responsible for action and partners.

Erica Coke Protects Early Childhood Asset Allocation Checking / Zeka Ribeiro / Chamber of Deputies

Deputy Erica Coke (PT-DF) said it was important to monitor early childhood budgets to find out how much is actually being allocated to the policy for this age group. He also suggested developing a specific plan for early childhood, with indicators to serve as a parameter for states and municipalities, such as the National Education Plan.

Deputy Leandre (PSD-PR), coordinator of the Mixed Parliamentary Front for Early Childhood, reports that a working group on the front was dedicated to creating markers to track early childhood investments in the ministry’s budget. He considers the priorities given in the Budget Guidance Act (LDO) for early childhood a victory, which will be free. [[g contingenciamento]He added that an indication has already been sent to the government for details of the plan for childhood and he said the government has already confirmed the details of the plan, which will be sent for analysis by MPs.

The deputy noted that child victims of violence have no defense or voice and that violence endangers their present and future. “This child who has not been helped at the beginning of his life has a tendency to do bad things at school, drop out of school, be at risk for crime and drugs, have difficulty entering the job market and become more dependent.” On the state ”, he assessed.

Leandre further noted that such violence often occurs indoors, where the child should be protected. In the epidemic, he noticed, the situation had worsened, with children being left indoors with aggressors. According to the deputy, new forms of violence are still emerging, such as through social networks, especially child pornography. In addition, he points to another type of violence that affects Brazilian children: hunger.

“A ghost that haunts our country again and the children of Brazil will surely starve again. This is another form of violence against our children, which worries us a lot and forces the actors of the safety network to work on this issue, which has a very negative impact on the future of children, “he said.

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