‘The best day of my life’ of the Chicago Cubs pitcher

You always remember your first time at Wrigley Field.

Walking through the gates and down the black group. See green grass and ivy fenced walls as you enter the arena. Looking at the old school scoreboard and seeing the seats fill up within hours before game time, the hopes are growing until the first start.

Caleb Kilian met all of it Saturday afternoon – then made his first public appearance against St. Louis. Louis Cardinals in front of 31,673 fans.

He later called it the “day of my life.”

Obviously there have been many good days for the 25-year-old rookie, who was selected to return to Triple-A Iowa on Sunday. The Chicago Cubs’ high hopes for success have been in every aspect of his career, from high school to Texas Tech to minor leagues.

But this was a day that could be delayed because you only shot once in your first game.

Arriving in Iowa, Kilian received a phone call from the Cubs on Thursday, calling it a “birthday gift.” If it already sounds like he is talking loudly, put yourself in his shoes.

Little children, being Children, would not allow Kilian to start making, pretending to be a government secret that could be destroyed by TV. But everyone knows, and by the time manager David Ross confirmed the obvious after Friday’s game, the news was already down on Twitter.

Kilian had trouble sleeping Friday in her hotel room in Chicago, wondering what the future held.

“While trying to sleep, I felt my heart pounding,” she says with a laugh. “I am glad that I went to bed and rested. Most of the nerves were (Friday). “

Kilian arrived in Wrigley early Saturday to relax with her new surroundings and meet her teammates – some of whom she already knew – as well as coaches and clubhouse staff.

“Ballpark is cooler than ever,” he said. “What a place to start.”

Kilian’s parents, aunts and friends received enough information to travel to Chicago. After the first applause from the bleacher fans outside, they reached the climax of Eric Church’s song “The Outsiders:”

“Back to the wall / A group of brothers / Together, alone, outside.”

Kilian started and beat Tommy Edman in three circles, finishing the ball with 96 mph in a hurry. He favored Nolan Gorman on the 1-2 pitch, then broke Paul Goldschmidt’s bat and made the Cardinals star a shorter.

“It helped boost my confidence,” Kilian said, adding that she was trying to “come this time to me.”

He needed only 20 pitches in the two innings to take the first six batsmen. He then scored the third best goal and was beaten by Yadier Molina and Edmundo Sosa.

But then came the fourth. The first ininging match was slightly delayed by a ball coming into the field from the right field, forcing Rafael Ortega to throw it back into the game before the start.

Kilian traveled Edman in four stages. After a left-handed flyover with Gorman, Goldschmidt sang loudly in the middle, causing Kilian to dance and not smoke.

A walk to Nolan Arenado filled the foundation, and a broken ball that bounced off the ground and passed to striker PJ Higgins brought the first race. Brendan Donovan’s mountains on the left center scored some runners, and suddenly the Cardinals took a 3-1 lead.

“Twice being beaten, it hurts,” Kilian said of the two visits. “I have to be better than that, but it happens. I can’t take it back.”

After the Inning came after Harrison Bader was caught stealing, Kilian threw 30 yards in four and 61 total. The Cubs kept him under all 80 legs but one of his nine races started, but Ross heard that Kilian had returned fifth.

Facilitator Tommy Hottovy told her to relax and use her legs to lower the maternity ward – and Kilian returned to her original shape. He stopped the two-match strike at Sosa before hitting Edman to end his night.

“Just give him a reset, right?” Ross talked about sending Kilian to the fifth. “The wheels did not fall. He has been the first for a long time and they will have an inning or two as so from time to time. Just bring him back to that horse. He did very well, came out and hit a lot of shows. “

Sanali Rembrandt. There are no five beginnings that can be considered as artistic. But that was the beginning, and Ross was delighted that Kilian showed what he had in his first game and his ability to get off the top four when he lost control.

“He mixed his game well, he had one problem,” Ross said. “But white. It is best to look at a person for the first time. I think he did well this time. He came out shooting BBs. His running ball looks real, his cut, mixed and matched to his wounds. He did a good job. ”

Ross tried to downplay the meaning of Kilian’s start, perhaps to avoid media coverage and fan coverage Kris Bryant, Javier Báez, Kyle Schwarber and all others expected from the Cubs from 2015-16 dried up early in their careers. He did not want Kilian to be seen as a “savior” of this rebuilding project or to pressure her into doing something he could not always do.

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But make no mistake about it. This is especially true for young children especially President Jed Hoyer, who bought Kilian last July from the San Francisco Giants in a deal that saw him as one of the most popular players in the last three decades. Just as Bryant’s arrival in 2015 marked the unpredictable beginning of the Cubs Children’s era under Theo Epstein, Kilian’s call meant Hoyer’s government was now in danger.

It will take time for all the other well-anticipated people who were found to sell the 2021 summer to be well known as many were low during the trading period. For better or worse, Kilian will be a Cubs football player to reassure fans that they sang well in the face of the stars of their rival team instead of signing them to add.

“I just think people come here to see the Children,” said Kilian, removing the pressure to be seen as a big part of rebuilding.

The Cubs lost in 10 innings in a game with a few twists, including the Cardinals missing a chance to advance when Sosa missed a third as they circled the base, forcing him to return. This will be the footnote on the story that Kilian tells of many years from now of her first day in the big leagues, riding on the field on a cold night in June.

“The best day ever,” he said. It was the best day of my life. To start at Wrigley, Saturday night, rain begins to fall, save the game for the ninth …

It was the first day of what the Cubs hope will be a long and successful one for Kilian and his new teammates.

Together, alone, outsiders.

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