The Bairro Educador program promotes workshops for children and young people Florianopolis, a city for all

Fight violence and encourage coexistence within the community. Two basic pillars for creating the Bairro Educador program. The initiative by Florianopolis City Hall, through the Municipal Department of Education, promotes workshops focusing on sports, self-defense and local culture in the Monte Verde, Monte Cristo, Moro da Mariquinha and Moro do Mokoto areas.

– The Bairro Educador program, through the Municipal Department of Education, aims to improve the quality of life of students in the municipality of Florianopolis, and to expand educational resources through educational, cultural and sports workshops – emphasizes the municipal department of education in Florianopolis.

The purpose of the program is to promote holistic and integrated learning; Strengthen the bond of integration between family and community. Involve organizations, the public sector and local agents to build future partnerships in addition to regional resources.

To reach the current version of Bairro Educador, a lot of people were heard. The purpose was to provide workshops that really made a difference to the participants. The first step was to visit the surrounding area to know the needs of the population, and thus determine the activities, the secretary said. Through a public call, the non-profit Civil Society Organization (OSC) joined the organization of the program, which began operations in 2019.

In addition to promoting culture and sports, the workshops promoted by Bairro Educador aim to guide young people in the job market. The goal is to be a tool for change, to present children and young people in a world of opportunity through education.

In a short time, it was possible to notice differences in students’ behavior, such as improving family relationships, vocabulary, and attitudes toward other people. In addition to making better use of public spaces, which the program uses to hold workshops.

The program has become a tool to transform lives by contributing to the integral development of students, from expanding educational resources to interacting with local knowledge and culture, within and outside the community; Strengthening the integration between education, culture and sports to achieve quality of education and effective progress in the life of students, as opposed to school period.

Families involved in the process

Occupying space with the Bairro Educador program is a positive point in the lives of students who were inactive after school. The program guarantees them the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops involving educational, cultural and sports-based workshops. Family is the foundation of every individual and therefore its participation is essential, especially in childhood and adolescence.

The Department of Municipal Education in Florianopolis explains that including the student’s family in the workshop course is an essential learning strategy. Opportunity for students to know the realities of those responsible and everyone.

– This interaction takes place in a systematic way, the first movement is the mutual knowledge between students, families and program professionals, getting to know the students, their social context, welcoming them, building interpersonal bonds, essential elements for relationship building and review, especially teaching and Learning relationships – he says.

Family participation lets us know how students are adapting if they notice positive differences in behavior, both at school and at home.

Different types of activity make a difference

Cultural activities, sports, transform students’ realities and enhance creativity and imagination. Much more than a moving body, they create stimuli for the mind, create new possibilities, for faith, a sense of responsibility, respect for rules, and self-limitation. Its practice also strengthens the cognitive, motor and psychomotor development of the student.

– Both sports and cultural activities consider the issue in its multidimensional state, in its bio-social dimension, in the context of environmental, cultural and socio-political relations, a physical insert, directly affecting cooperation, development of leadership consciousness, empathy, respect for others, socialization of students. Promotion and expansion.

Through the program, children and young people receive educational support, including self-defense workshops, papaya bulls, football 7, photography, graffiti, jazz dance, theater, zumba dance, karate, guitar and percussion, as well as surfing. , Among others. According to the secretary, the goal is to take the program to new areas and affect many other lives.

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