The Astros are promoting a 10-game winning streak

MINNEAPOLIS – The Astros run-off train overturned at the Target Center and hit the Twins on the way to the top three games, plus a four-game winning streak on Thursday afternoon to secure their victory in the top 10 games. It is the longest list in the Major Leagues.

The Astros were starting to perform well over the past two weeks, but their offense started Thursday. Houston won the top 15 games and beat the Twins, 11-3, at the end of a suspended game after three innings on Wednesday before taking on the homers from slugger Yordan Alvarez in a 5-0 win in the second leg.

“This was very good. It’s hard to win a double title – a game with two-thirds – especially on the street, in their house, “said manager Dusty Baker. We hope they are as warm as they can be. I feel good to start this journey 3-0. “

In winning 14 of the last 16 games, the Astros outscored the Angels to lead the American League West. Participants scored 1.82 ERAs in the last 16 games, of which 10 starts. That does not include Luis Garcia, who threw five innings on Thursday 2nd.

Surprisingly, the Astros scored five goals in their 10 games, the first time they had shut down an opponent five times in every 10 games since the end of the 1986 season (six times). ERA runners in 10 games are 0.90, with nine runs allowed in 90 innings.

It is not that the Astros are always doing well without Lance McCullers Jr. – their first major last year – have been receiving unexpected donations. He called up Seth Martinez from Triple-A Sugar Land as the 27th player in the second game on Thursday, and all he did was throw innings 1 2/3 without a score, hitting the sixth half.

“Most of the time, when you have a good race, you hit the ball a lot or throw a ton, or all that often,” Baker said. “I can’t take anything from our production. They are doing well.… Everyone knows we have a good game, and we have been playing very good football.”

Rookie shortstop Jeremy Peña leads the Astros with an .448 average with 10 RBIs in the win, while Jose Altuve hits .333 despite winning 0-for-5 in the second game on Thursday. The Astros have not lost since Altuve came off the injury list on May 2. He and Alvarez both have four homers in the last 10 games.

As a result, Houston has won its opposition, 49-11, in a highly competitive bout, the longest running since last game 11 last June. The Houston run difference was a 4-run pre-race; now with a 34-plus combination for the season.

“We have a great football team, and we come every day to win, and that’s what we’ve been doing,” said Peña, who hit three times in the second game Thursday before leaving in the fourth inning with a left knee injury. “We’ve been putting in good bats, our vessels have been in control, and we keep going.”

The Astros boxers have scored in their last three of their last four games.

On Sunday against the Tigers in Houston, Jake Odorizzi (five innings), Cristian Javier (three innings) and Héctor Neris (one inning) combined for a one-goal strike to end a four-game losing streak. Justin Verlander did not win in the eighth inning in Tuesday’s opening game against the Twins, who only hit twice in the first 17 of the series.

“They have given us a chance to win every ball,” Peña said. “They’ve been in control of every game, they’re preventing their batsmen from doing too much damage, and we’re just adding.”

José Urquidy started the game on Wednesday and stopped running once in three innings before the heavy rain stopped. Four assistants finished the game on Thursday, allowing one to win in six innings.

Garcia was a threat Thursday, hitting nine batters battling it out in the second half in a row. Winner of the 2021 American League Rookie of the Year, Garcia has a 1.50 ERA and a 0.94 WHIP in his final three rounds, hitting 23 in 18 innings.

“We’re doing a very good job, and we believe we can do it,” Garcia said.


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