The ACC will find a basis for reforming the football game, probably in early 2023

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. – Momentum is moving inside the ACC to redesign its ballpark, possibly from 2023.

The most striking feature is the 3-5 model, which can give each school three annual opponents as they ride a bike through five new opponents per year.

“Preparations were made,” Miami sports director Dan Radakovich said Tuesday, Day 2 of the ACC’s spring meetings. “We have a good idea going forward. We are closer to the end than the beginning of it, but we need to talk a little with our TV peers to see what they think, if we run into a car wash once again.

“It doesn’t have to be right now, depending on the time, because even if we decide to move on to ’23, there is an opportunity and a time to do it. We want to make a difference in this regard.”

Asked if there was a preferred model, Radakovich outlined plans for 3-5.

“I think there’s a four-year round that you play twice and you have three opponents,” he said. “I think it has had a lot of fingers (from ACC schools).”

Radakovich, who was hired by the Hurricanes in December, is well versed in the negotiations, having been an AD in the league for 17 years. (He was at Georgia Tech from 2006-12 and at Clemson from 2012-21.) The ACC, which plays only eight games, has been consistent in the Atlantic Division and has gone a long way. without further matchups among the opponents of the meeting. (Pitt’s 2021 ACC title was the first competition from the Coastal Division since 2010.)

Miami game manager Dan Radakovich outlined the 3-5 plan, in which teams have three opponents, who have a lot of support. (Lynne Sladky / Associated Press)

Under the current system, Duke and NC State, who live at a distance of 30 minutes, play once every seven years. My fellow Tar Heel schools in North Carolina and Wake Forest – who make up the oldest competition in the state – had to meet once every seven years before taking matters into their own hands, organizing each other as a non-league game in 2019 and 2021.

Miami and Wake Forest have not played opponents since 2013. Their meeting scheduled for 2020 was marred by the epidemic, and they are not at the forefront of each other and announced a list of ACC opponents’ lists, which will pass in 2024.

Notre Dame, meanwhile, plays every ACC school about three times every five years, even though he was not a conference member in football.

on Monday, The Athletic stated that the NCAA Football Monitoring Committee recommended that Division I remove the requirements for a conference tournament, which would allow meetings to be flexible to determine who is competing in the game. For the ACC, the opportunity for every four-year-old player to meet every school at his or her conference has also been crucial.

“100 percent,” said Florida State AD Michael Alford. “I look at Boston College and Syracuse. How often do they want to get to Florida? More So how good? And how often do I want to enter the New York market? I want to go to the Boston and New York markets, because it is the most important market for us our race and recruitment. So making sure we do the right thing when everyone has the same opportunity (is important). “

Alford, who said the AD’s conference will meet ESPN Wednesday, said Florida State is missing Clemson and Miami as two of its three opponents at the annual conference. He fluctuates a lot on the third.

“It’s ridiculous,” she says. “But I feel like, what is the best thing about this conference? How do we develop our nation? And I will be selfish on this and say, how do I grow my nation? And where can I go to play the many times that get me to the big TV market?”

Critics of stability?

Boston College – Miami, Syracuse, Virginia Tech

Clemson – NC State, Georgia Tech, Florida State

Duke – North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech

Florida State – Miami, Clemson, Syracuse

Georgia Tech – Clemson, Duke, Louisville

Louisville – Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech

Miami – Florida State, Boston College, Pittsburgh

North Carolina – Duke, NC State, Virginia

NC State – Clemson, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Pittsburgh – Louisville, Miami, Syracuse

Syrakusa – Boston College, Florida State, Pittsburgh

Virginia – Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Wake Forest

Virginia Tech – Virginia, Louisville, Boston College

Wake Forest – Duke, NC State, Virginia

The tournament may change the schedule as long as the NCAA Division I Council approves regulations recommended by the NCAA Football Steering Committee. This is expected to take place at the May 18 meeting. In the past, leagues that did not play a full schedule of football games had to be divided into teams to play successful games. The initial revision of the rule required the leagues to have at least 12 teams and divide the divisions. It was presented in 1987 after the support of two Division II conferences. The first competition to make good use of this rule is the SEC. Governor Roy Kramer remembered the rule and used the idea of ​​a competitive game as a tent as his league extended Arkansas and South Carolina. The league was divided into factions and began playing its competitive game in 1992.

ACC and Big 12 were the players who changed the rules in 2014. Big 12 dropped their competitive game after dropping out of school 10 but wanted to re-open the opportunity to choose one. The need for a new robin at the time made this possible. The Big 12 re-launched the title game in 2017.

The ACC did not find anything in the change, but it did come up with an idea in the season affected by the 2020 epidemic in which a non-league league could support the league. The uncertainty due to the COVID-19 and the agreement to allow Notre Dame – who is a member of the ACC in all other games – to play the entire ACC schedule makes for significant flexibility. Then the league played as a team of 15 unbeaten teams. Then he made No. 1 against No. 2 game theme of the conference. All participants in the game (Clemson and Notre Dame) formed the College Football Playoff. The SEC (2017 and 2021) are the only league to put two schools in the four-team Playoff.

“The year Clemson and Notre Dame played and we had one episode, the year of COVID, which was a good idea, it could probably be a good precursor to things to come,” Radakovich said.

Conference members playing frequently and varied season tickets are the obvious benefit of changing the type of preparation, but the rare – even the most insignificant – benefit is reducing the chances of the winner in regular meetings dropping the league out of the Playoff. .

In the division, the team that loses several times can win exactly the right game and create a conference theme. If the team has a great day and brings joy to the top five opponents in the conference header, the league is eliminated. That potential is far off if CFP grows, but it is No. 1 against No. 2, the ability to make both groups more flexible CFP.

Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi joked that final threat No. 13 or No. 14 in the league threatens coaches more than final threat No. 7 in division. But the idea is not in the hands of the coaches. Seasonal ticket sales, TV fan favorites and postseason opportunities are running the negotiations – just as they are running a similar debate in the Big Ten and the SEC.

And if that change happens, we have probably seen the last North Carolina and Wake Forest meeting in non-conference football games.

Radakovich said the ACC is close to setting up three annual protests for each school. Asked if he had any preferences for those who would like his Miami opponents to stay, he saw the entire conference.

“I want our league to reach a point where we look at all the schools in the league, and they have made a lot of money in the football competition so that the whole league can continue to thrive. to recognize the world, ”Radakovich said. “Because we’ve had it for a long time in basketball. We’ve been involved in other sports. That’s why we have to have things like that in football. It will take a lot of school fees to make it happen.”

(Top photo: Ken Ruinard / USA Today)


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