The San Francisco 49ers picked Toledo defender Samuel Womack with a 29th pick (No. 172 general) in the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Womack scored 33 tackles, a one-way losing streak, 15 defensive wins, and a double jump in 13 games as a senior in 2021, according to Sports Reference. He recorded 126 tackles, 4.5 lost tackles, 0.5 bags, 39 protected passes, five interventions, and forced escape during his five school years.

Womack hails from Detroit, MI. He received a 5.69th grade preparation from, which equates to a “chance to form a team or experimental team,” according to the 8-point scale. recommended that Womack be voted around seven times or for free signings.

Below is an history on Womack:

Womack joined the Golden Rockets in 2017 after winning the first All-Michigan and All-Detroit first team honors at the East English Village Prep. He played seven games as a newcomer (four fights, one jump, one split) and then participated in all 13 games and started one in 2018 (12 tackles, 1.5 losses, one finish). Womack was re-arrested in FBS with 15 breaks (as well as 59 tackles, two obstacles) in 2019, starting all 12 games. He led the MAC with a break for eight passes in 2020 (20 tackles, 1.5 for loss). Womack was the first All-MAC team elected in 2021, tied for the second time in FBS with 16 broken passes and making 33 ropes and cutting twice in 13 games and starting 12. – by Chad Reuters’s Lance Zierlein wrote this in his scout report:

Walk Already grown up to be a football defender. Womack has an eye-catching speed and agility and is making a great ball as a three-year-old starter. He is a natural fit for exploration and use the best shooting techniques. Inconsistent and unstable approaches and downsizing are stressful things that cannot be easily remedied by teaching. Womack is not strong against running, but he sticks out from the press and naturally from the ground, which gives him a chance to compete.


Height: 5’9 “
Weight: 189 lbs.

College Statistics
Year school Class G Down as everything to throw Sk int
2017 toledo FR 3 two two 0 0 1
2018 toledo ONLY 8 8 4 12 1.5 0
2019 toledo JR 12 49 10 59 0.5 0 two
2020 toledo BAMBO 5 12 8 20 1.5 0.5
2021 toledo BAMBO 13 16 17 33 1 0 two
Everything toledo 87 39 126 4.5 0.5 5

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