The 24-year-old lawsuit against Deshaun Watson is due to be filed on Monday, lawyer Tony Buzbee said.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A 24-year-old court will be tried against Deshaun Watson on Monday by a sex offender during his previous election, attorney Tony Buzbee told

The 23rd suit was delivered Tuesday by Buzbee client Nia Smith, and all 24 complainants are represented by Buzbee.

News of the upcoming 24-day trial comes the same day as Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, issued a statement explaining some of his comments on Houston radio.happy ending ” after formatting the massage. It is about a type of sex after massage.

“I don’t know how many men out there are massaging that maybe they sometimes have a happy ending … If this happens, it’s not a crime, well, unless you pay someone to give it to you. Some kind of sex,” Hardin said. “It is not wrong to do something or to say or do something that offends you. Then we had two senior judges find this out, and no one seemed to want to listen. “

As his words spread on social media, Hardin released a statement Friday evening to explain it.

“Deshaun Watson did nothing wrong,” Hardin wrote. “And as the two judges explained, Deshaun did nothing wrong.

“Today in a radio interview in Houston, I stated that massaging with a ‘happy ending’ is not wrong, meaning that it is not wrong to have casual sex with a doctor unless the sex is paid for. Deshaun did not pay anyone for sex. I used the word in a figurative sense and not in the case of Deshaun.

“I have always said that it is wrong to do anything that a woman does not agree with. These women are said to have thwarted their requests. I was just pretending. If there is sexual intercourse after massaging, it is not a crime for a civil offense. I was not saying what Deshaun did or what he did not do or expect or expect.

In response to a radio interview with Hardin, Buzbee told ESPN’s John Barr that Hardin “may have lost his own client case because I use this comment because I think it affects how he, his team and his client think about the massage industry.”

The two new suits are the first since 22 first filed in March and April 2021.

The latest will be released as Brown travels to the third week of group events next week and prepares for their official minicamp June 14-16. Coach Kevin Stefanski and selected players will be present at the Cleveland Browns Foundation 22nd Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, and OTAs will be open to the press on Wednesday.

Watson took part in the OTAs and assisted his frustrated teammates on their way to the Bahamas over the past two weeks to work on team-building and field work. He received a lot of support from his teammates, including defender Myles Garrett.

“It’s not any of my business,” Garrett told OTAs Wednesday. “I do not know what happened. You don’t know what happened. No one knows what happened in the room except the people who were affected. I can’t move one way or the other, based on just hearing. As a result, I have to move with the character of a person I know every day, and he is a good person based on what I have seen, what I have played with and what I have seen in this house. .

“Not every day you catch all your mistakes and take them to the Bahamas and you treat them and respect the coaches. From what I’ve seen. You’ve gone the right way and whether you slipped or not, I’m not a judge. I’m not a judge or a murderer. or disagreement with someone outside the court, this is not obvious. But as for the guy I know on the court, he is special. “

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at a league meeting on May 24 that the league “is about to run out of probation” for Watson’s case in terms of its ethics and will hand over to Punishment chief Sue L. Robinson soon. He also said he did not have time for Robinson to hand down a suspended sentence, fine or both.

Goodell also said the league could offer more penalties if more was available.

Hardin told that the NFL could take action in June or July, but not yet. Mr. Brown is expected to hear something before the training camp opens at the end of July, but for now, he does not know how long Watson’s suspension will last.

Meanwhile, Watson is gaining a lot of reps for committing first and second team mistakes. If suspended, he will be allowed to play with the team until the regular season begins, after which he will be banned from playing for all of the team until he is reinstated.

The Browns banked as many banks with him as they could if he had been out for a long time. In that case, going backwards Jacoby Brissett will start in his place. The Browns still have Baker Mayfield on the list, but have sold him as soon as they can.

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