TFC Friendly: Another win for Toulouse against Montpellier in the Occitanie derby with a pretty crazy score (5-4)!

The necessary factor
There had been performances in Agde… In Hérault, the folks of Toulouse and Montpellier loved themselves. If MHSC document a fourth defeat in as many Test gallops, Tefese stay unbeaten with 5 wins and a draw in six friendlies.

in the warmth Philippe Montagnier’s males overcame neighbors Pailladin at the finish of the second of three contested 45-minute durations, because of a header from the returning Moussa Diarra. Here is the description of the 9 achievements, in addition to the lineups of the two groups.


10e : Recovering Khalil Fayad’s mistake at the prime of the Montpellier half-pipe, van den Boumen passes at first intent to Stijn Spierings, who provides Thijs Dallinga his first objective with a flat right-footer (1-0).
19e : Chaibi releases Nathan Ngoumou who accelerates and crosses the line to Rafael Ratao; second submit, restoration on fall from proper, Jonas Omlin, taken by his help (2-0).
30e : Brazilian deflection from Ratao for Issiaga Sylla, who rushes in direction of the nook line earlier than standing up; Ngumu, who “closes”, finally ends up with a pick-up (3-0).
36e : Arnaud Nordin’s foot goes in entrance of Sylla, who lets himself be shocked and cuts previous Stéphanois in the nook of the floor. penalty. Sepe Elye Wahi transforms, on the floor on the left, Maxime Dupé has gone to the different facet (3-1).
44e : on a second ball from the left wing, Steffi Mavididi instantly served Wahbi Kharzi at 5m50; inside proper unstoppable (3-2).
45e : Jordan Ferry dislodges Nordin at 16m50, hits a tight nook that goes between Duppe’s legs (3-3) !
53e : a second successive nook from left to proper by Branko van den Boomen onto the head of Rasmus Nicolaisen, whose helmet shot got here after a reflex save from Omlin – however the assistant referee indicated the ball had crossed the line fully (4-3).
62e : An eccentric free-kick by Khazri and in the scrum the ball touches Silla’s hand once more. New greater sanction. Mavididi scores with energy and on the opposite, half (4-4).
83e : Free kick outdoors the heart from the left wing by Brecht Dejaguere and shut vary header by Moussa Diarra (5-4).


At AGDE-Stade Louis-Sanguin [temps caniculaire, terrain largement à la hauteur]about 1000 spectators.
Three durations of 45 minutes every: 3-3, 5-4.
Arbitration by Mr. Gaël ANGOULA (90 minutes), assisted by Messrs. Bertomillo and Reyes.
About TFC: Dalinga (10), Ratao (19), Ngumu (30), Nicolaisen (53), Diarra (83).
For MHSC: Wahi (36 factors), Hazri (44), Nordin (45), Mavididi (62 factors).
FC TOULOUSE: Duppe (Haug, 91) – Dessler (Keben, 63), Rouault (L. Costa, 80), Nicolaisen (Mus. Diarra, 80), Is. Strength (B. Diakite, 80) – Spierings (Mvue, 80), van den Boumen (capt./Jenreau, 80/Skita, 123) – Ngumu (Begraoui, 63), Chaibi (Dejagere, 80), Dalinga (Onaiwu, 80), Ratao (Abuhlal, 80)./
Philippe Montagnier.
MONTPELIER HSC: Omlin (capt.) – F. Sacco, M. Esteve (Souquet, 59), Koza, Mawassa – Chotar, Okay. Fayad (J. Ferri, 16/capt. 16) – Nordin, Khazri (S. Delaye, 79) , Mavididi – Wahi (V. Germain, 59)./
3e half time: D. Berto – Souquet, Alix, Chatto, Saint-Luc – M. Loubattier, J. Ferri (capt./Chautart, 120/capt.120) – L. Leroy, S. Delaillet (Cazry, 128), Makouana – V Germaine./
Olivier DAL’OGLIO.

And now ? Final full-size rehearsal venue subsequent Saturday in Aurillac against Clermont Foot. Note that there will likely be two full conferences contested, that’s, a 90-minute match at 18:00 and one other 90-minute regulation from 20:00.

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