Texas deputy cites Brazilian child trafficking to justify DNA collection for all immigrants

Representative Lance Gooden, R-Texas, introduced a bill Wednesday, the 7th that …

Representative Lance Gooden, R-Texas, on Wednesday introduced a bill that would require the Department of Homeland Security to collect biometrics, including DNA, from immigrants crossing the border as part of efforts to crack down on fraud and child trafficking.

Biometric verification will be required for “biometric verification for identity entry and re-verification”, including the Forensic Act or the “B-Verify Act”. It’s 6 English), even those seeking immigration benefits.

“Criminal cartels are illegally exploiting children to help immigrants cross our southern border, terrorists and known criminals have entered the United States, and the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop it,” Gooden said in a statement. He added, “Congress must act now to provide our national security and law enforcement with the tools they need to protect migrant children from human trafficking.”

In addition, the bill confirms that DHS will not be able to provide any benefits, and that the Department of State will not be able to issue visas before collecting this data.

DHS will also need to use DNA testing to confirm family ties between immigrants who claim to be members of the family unit and an unaccompanied child already placed in the country with a sponsor. Republicans and Border Patrol agents have expressed concern about child trafficking used to house adults in the United States, claiming they are part of a family.

According to the data, single adults often face more barriers to entry than families.

DHS currently collects some biometric data in certain immigration situations. The agency said it tested an immigration biometrics against a terror surveillance list and took fingerprints of those arriving through the airport.

Biometrics are used to verify that they are associated with the documentation that foreigners are using to enter the country.

However, a 2021 report from the DHS Office of the Inspector General found that the department did not consistently receive biometric data from arrested foreign nationals. The deputy quoted a report in the Wall Street Journal which recently reported that thousands of Brazilian children probably entered the United States with an adult claiming to be their father between 2019 and 2021.

The bill would direct Health and Human Services (HSS) to conduct strict background checks on sponsors and notify DHS to provide their names and information, along with any allegations of false family ties. This will require better coordination with foreign governments. The bill would prevent any parent or guardian from receiving additional immigration benefits if they knowingly send their child across the border illegally.

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