Taylor vs. Consequences of Serrano, the spread of a living war

The biggest fight of all women’s boxing matches takes place inside Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, tonight (Sat., Apr. 30, 2022) with the undisputed Lightweight queen, Katie Taylor, taking on a seven-man series, Amanda Serrano, pouring in. . stay on DAZN pay-per-view (PPV).

MMAmania.com presents Taylor vs. LIVE Serrano’s main event below. Great card issuance begins DAZN at 7:30 pm ET, while Taylor and Serrano are expected to make their ring around 10:15 pm ET (follow here).

The game was originally launched in early 2020, but was eventually disrupted due to the COVID epidemic. Negotiations resumed last year after Serrano left long-time promoter Lou DiBella to sign with Jake Paul, and we now find ourselves on the verge of picking up the best female boxer in the world.

The card will also see Super Middleweight team-mates Franchon Crews-Dezurn and Elin Cederroos sacked with uncertainty, Liam Smith joining Jessie Vargas in a long-running aggrieved medal, Olympal gold medalist Galal Yafai against Miguel Cartagena, and Austin ” “Williams will be joined by Chordale Booker in a standoff.

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano – Taylor argues. Serrano is a split decision (94-96, 97-93, 96-93
Liam Smith Vs. Jessie Vargas – Smith protests. Vargas and TKO at 0:41 for Round 10
Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs. Elin Cederroos – Crews-Dezurn protests. Cederroos by choice (99-91 x2, 97-93)
Galal Yafai vs. Miguel Cartagena – Yafai protests. Cartagena and RTD at 3:00 for Round Two
Austin Williams vs. Chordale Booker – Williams argues. Booker and TKO 2:25 time of Round One

Undisputed Lightweight Championship: Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano

Round one: Serrano progresses, eats plus corner. Weight exchange. In the middle. He sells leftovers. Taylor straight to the right. The biggest success left by Serrano. Counter combo arrives for Taylor, who is off the trail of a returning body. The other left exchange. 10-9 Taylor.

Round 2: Directly from Taylor. Serrano enters and connects with each other. Serrano’s body shot. Taylor confuses her with straight rights. In the middle. Counter 3-2 from Taylor, 1-2 from Serrano. Taylor check hook, more pressure from Serrano. Taylor is getting better at the background. To the right the right is connected. Taylor dropped the hook, Serrano’s body shot 1-1. 10-9, 20-18 Taylor.

Step 3: Serrano is still trying to get in the way. Taylor does a good job of getting rid of him. Good rotation in the corner, down in the middle. Leading to the right of Taylor. Wina. Strong left from Serrano, running from Taylor back, clinch. Taylor 1-2, low-up 2-3. Serrano digs in the body and eats the left hook. The other left exchange. Overhand left by Serrano, then switched behind the bell where the representative could not hear. 10-9, 30-27 Taylor.

Episode 4: Jab lands in Serrano. Fighting for two pieces from Taylor, Serrano opens the corner until he is caught. Great internal exchange. Selling in clinch. Taylor in the body. In the middle. A difficult right from Taylor, led by Serrano. Taylor’s main notes. He still removes Serrano despite commentators complaining. 10-9, 40-36 Taylor.

Fifth line: Good exchange on ropes. Serrano cuts the body, Taylor comes back with a great addition to the head. Serrano is doing his best for fighting here. They’re taking it out. In the middle of the circle. Taylor is frustrated and Serrano is pouring. Taylor agrees. Body shots, landings, right hooks all land at Serrano. Taylor is looking to get back with him. 10-9 Serrano, 49-46 Taylor.

Sixth line: Serrano enters, is caught and attempts to open a corner. Commercial heat. Taylor throws heavy punches but his legs do not look good. Strong right hands fall on him as I say that. Clinch. In the middle. Taylor shakes her body, falling up hard. Serrano straight to left, assisted by slightly right. Violent statistics from Taylor. Clinch. Serrano is looking to land inside. Cruel exchange. 10-9, 59-55 Taylor.

Seventh Line: Strong right hands landing on Taylor. In the middle. Serrano goes to the body, eats two portions. Taylor 3-2. Serrano straight to the left. Body shot, 2-1. Taylor lifts him with a jab on top. A good switch on ropes, led by Taylor. Serrano to the body. 10-9 Serrano, 68-65 Taylor.

Round 8: Initial integration work from Taylor. Serrano is still scurrying inside, moving to the right. More Taylor statistics. They tie and whip with short punches in the middle. 1-2-3 challenges from Taylor. They trade on ropes. Quick exchange, away from Taylor. Serrano shakes the body inwards. 10-9, 78-74 Taylor.

Ninth line: Taylor chases the output, plus stability. Serrano got in, was arrested. Taylor continues to fire him. Solid counter from Taylor. In the middle. 2-1, hospital. Serrano is not showing much and is missing a lot, even though he is still drawing hard. There are other physical activities in the hospital. Taylor smashes him with his right hands in retaliation. Good 3-2 when exchanging. 10-9, 88-83 Taylor.

Round 10: Serrano marches as he continues his trade. Clinch, exchange at rest. Big left strings from Taylor where Serrano opens. Taylor 3-2 in the middle. Taylor builds up when Serrano tries to force. They all connect when they separate. Long combos from Taylor, Serrano try to respond to the body. Photographs by Taylor. Serrano is trying to answer. Shoot the beast in the middle to end the war. 10-9, 98-92 Taylor.

Final result: Taylor argues. Serrano is a split decision

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