Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady talks about disagreeing with Bruce Arians, interested in joining Miami Dolphins

TAMPA, Fla. – Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was adamant on Thursday that he had no dispute with former head coach Bruce Arians, who announced his resignation as soon as he announced his return.

However, he did not deny reports that he had spoken to the Miami Dolphins to move them elsewhere, and also said he would not force his close friend Rob Gronkowski to return.

“Any zero,” Brady told the Arians. “She and I have a great relationship. One of the reasons I chose here is because of Bruce. I mean, she and I have been – wonderful communication – I respect her very much. She knows how I feel about her -“. – that’s the most important thing. And I know how he sees me. “

Referring to the Dolphins, who say they want Brady to take the lead and / or as a quarterback, despite having a contract with the Buccaneers for another season, Brady said, “I talked a lot with the. I’ve had three or four years of my career. different when I finished playing football so, I made a decision on what I wanted to do, and I be in a football game.

“I think for me, the most important thing is where I am here and what I hope to do for this team. This has been my dedication to the team and this organization. It has been a great pleasure for me to come here for two years. Aug. It’s almost 2½ now and it has been And it never ended. “

With Gronkowski, who Brady retired for the 2020 season in Tampa, the duo met this season to play. But Brady did not show Wednesday the way Gronkowski leans.

“I think it’s very natural for him and we would all love to play with him, but he has to make a very good decision and he knows it,” Brady said. “Everyone who cares for him knows that he is being treated fairly, which he is trying to get away with – we have no training ground for six weeks so whatever he can do to get it done. I think we should do it. “

Brady reiterated his decision to resign, which he announced in Feb. 1.

“It’s easy when you’re 25 and you know what you want to do next year,” Brady said. “It’s very difficult when you’re 43 or 44 years old because there are some things that bother you and some that are very important in your life, like your children and your wives and various relationships, things that have been going backwards in football. and I must take action.

“I think when the football season starts, everyone knows it’s 100 percent football. That’s the way you have to be and with a lot of dedication. And to be able to play all the games, you have to exercise a lot. I have to study hard at age 44, which is dedication. great. [they] they have their problems. It’s not like it was when I was 25, but I don’t think any of us felt the way we did when we were 25.

Fortunately for good reason, there are some areas in which I am glad I am not 25 and there are some areas where I wish I could be like 25, but I have a very difficult, very difficult life – I am just trying to drive as fast as I can. “

Would he feel comfortable and away from the ball of skill or does it always mean him?

“I really enjoyed the game as a kid and I still think there is a lot of love for it. I think I always will, unfortunately,” Brady said. “Beyond that – I’m still in football now, it ‘s clear. Therefore, it’ s going to be fun. considering what it would look like, which was really exciting for me … It must have been a much easier change than I thought. “

The Bucs lost to the Rams 30-27 in the NFC regional competition Jan. 23. Some of our friends felt that Brady could not stay away from the loss, while others determined that it was the end, making a mental noise of the offseason.

“I knew. I told him maybe two days after the game – I’m like, ‘[Tom], we can’t go out like that, ‘”runs Leonard Fournette back. “He agreed with me. We left a lot of mistakes in the yard that confused us. We’ve been playing all the games. I think as a hero, I knew he would not want to go like that because of his legacy. “

“I was down here,” said senior receiver Mike Evans, pointing down, “and then I went here. I had no reason to believe he would come back. He’s done everything, made a lot of money, a better job than ever. “And with the bitter taste left in his mouth – here’s mine, he’s back for a year.”

Brady did a lot during his 40 days of retirement. He volunteered for his new line of BRADY costumes, filmed two films, played TNT golf for “The Match” and agreed to a $ 375 million radio video deal with Fox Sports to become a live performer. But somehow he still managed to stay healthy.

“We have a lot to achieve,” Brady said. “I have a long life ahead of me and there are a lot of exciting things to do in the future, I look forward to what will happen in football, but at the same time – no one has been promised more than we have here. This is the moment now and I am very happy to go to compete and to win competition. “


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