SUPPORT FORM: Who is expected to win in 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix as Perez enters competition

Sergio Perez Monaco’s Grand Prix victory opens the fray, but can he replace Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen or Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc on the streets of Baku? Go to F1 Play to join and download our preview game.

fighting for value

In the four Grands Prix, Ferrari and Mercedes have two places in Baku, with Leclerc becoming the last driver to take P1 on the grid here back in 2021. Four red flags helped the Monegasque case that Saturday, with Yuki Tsotaka and Carlos Sainz bringing . this section is up to the beginning and end with their events.

The Leclerc pillar here in 2021 was amazing, but it has the potential to be the first to repeat the B1 F1 pole-sitter here this year. Other than that, he got to know the streets of Monaco well last Saturday …

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2021 Azerbaijan GP Eligibility: Leclerc has taken on a major role as a threat to Tsinetsa and Sainz

On the road home this season, Leclerc was assisted by Sainz on a one-off Ferrari. But the picture could change in Azerbaijan with Red Bull claiming it has more straightforward running chances than its rivals.

Not only that, there is also the problem that the fighters face this week when it comes to wings – and that means Mercedes could be involved in the fight. It’s foreign, but the sacrificial wings can be seen disrupting the party to qualify…

Despite the risks, it could be the remaining four riders to qualify for the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, with Mercedes George Russell and Lewis Hamilton having a limited chance on Saturday. Note that Baku participated in the European Grand Prix in 2016.

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Areas in the last four races:

• 2021 – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
• 2019 – Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
• 2018 – Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
• 2017 – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

HELPFUL QUESTIONS: Baku is another street area, but it is very different from Monaco. Max Verstappen leads the F1 Play vote to be the fastest one minute after Red Bull which became the second best for Ferrari in the final round. There is good support for Sergio Perez and a little bit for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Carlos Sainz did nothing

In the mix of victory

Azerbaijan loves to put on a show, so we have had four different winners since the GP started in 2017. And although Ferrari has taken two high-profile positions in Baku, Red Bull have won twice, as has Mercedes.

In addition, in 2019 alone there was a winner from the standings – Valtteri Bottas – while Daniel Ricciardo won from 10th in 2017 and Perez from sixth in 2021 at Red Bull. That is why it is good to say that it is doubtful, but not impossible, for a pillar to wait to win here.

If Perez’s Monaco wins, can he make two in two? The Mexican people took over the podium here in Force India in 2016 (European GP) and 2018 and won the Red Bull when Verstappen fell in 2021, a winner who will have led 29 times. in 2019 (although it was P8 in 2016). He may be the first to take the flag in 2022.

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2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Broken Heart Verstappen has come out on top in Baku

As for Ferraris, Leclerc’s results in Baku numbered P6, P5 and P4 in their last three appearances; Sainz has a very good P5 finish here for Renault in 2018. Both will expect to be strong in Azerbaijan but there are many things, including a collision with Safe Vehicles, that could upset the race leader, whoever it may be.

Mercedes is out to win this weekend – as long as the turmoil is not in their favor. And chaos can strike; there were 6 retirees here in 2017 and 2018.

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Winners in the last four competitions:

• 2021 – Sergio Perez (Red Bull)
• 2019 – Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
• 2018 – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
• 2017 – Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull)

CURRENT VIEWS: Things can be a little closer than they are now, Verstappen is releasing Leclerc with a few F1 Play votes – and a re-reading section. There is support for Perez behind his horrific victories in Monaco and for Sainz following the Mexican home to Principality.


Perez won in Monaco; can he win the victory in these streets?

podium outside

Unlike Monaco, there is no rain forecast this week – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rely on a mixed podium. In just four Grands Prix races, Baku has seen six teams land on the podium (seven if you can distinguish Aston Martin from Force India) and eight amazing drivers can finish in the top three.

Once again, much of what starts with Baku’s retirement attracts, and its steering to sharp, narrow corners that can inspire other drivers to take advantage. Only one race in the last four races was not affected by Protected Vehicle, a lack of speed that triggers only one Virtual Safety Vehicle in the last four GPs.

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As a result, Safe Vehicles are possible, as are the most dangerous finishers. Outside of the top four drivers, Russell and his Mercedes Hamilton teammate should be seen as long-time strikers, while Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel did well here years ago. Don’t forget Lando Norris, a McLaren driver who hopes to return to 100% after suffering a sore throat. He always threatens top teams if things go wrong…

Pods in the last four competitions:

• Mercedes – 4
• Ferrari – 2
• Force India / Aston Martin – 2
• Red Bull – 2
• AlphaTauri – 1
• Williams – 1

HELPFUL FACTS: Russell is not surprised that he selects drivers who are expected to challenge Red Bull and Ferrari after sending seven consecutive high-profile appearances in 2022. Hamilton’s lack of love from F1 Play voters is evident immediately – he even goes. McLaren man Lando Norris in a vote to finish in the top three in Baku.


Can Norris cause frustration this week?

possible points

The top 10 could be open to everyone on the team, depending on how Baku likes to be generous. But Ferrari-engined Alfa Romeos of Valtteri Bottas and, to a lesser extent, rookie Zhou Guanyu, should be considered a favorite to get a few points. Haas left recently, but Kevin Magnussen managed P7 here for the American team in 2017.

NOTE: Think back to last year’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Alpine and another team to watch, both Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso were able to fight for points, the latter scoring in the last two consecutive tournaments when Ocon lost to Monaco with a five-second penalty.

Neither Pierre Gasly nor Yuki Tsutia has scored in Monaco but they are all hoping to unleash the power of AlphaTauri’s Red Bull PU, which many consider to be the best in the class, to return to the ranks – Gasly says last week he wants to “protect” his podium here from 12 months past …

Points in the last four races:

• Mercedes – 96
• Ferrari – 84
• Red Bull – 62
• Aston Martin / Racing Point / Force India – 51
• McLaren – 32
• AlphaTauri / Toro Rosso – 26
• Williams – 19
• Alpine / Renault – 18
• Alfa Romeo / Sauber – 11
• Haasi – 6

VIEWS: Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) and Fernando Alonso (Alpine) are both very attractive to F1 Play players to score again in Azerbaijan after earning points in Monaco. There is also a lot of support from Aston Martin father Sebastian Vettel and a little bit of Yuki Tsotaka and Pierre Gasly from AlphaTauri.

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