Study in Australia: how to study in Australia


Why study in Australia?

So as not to make the same mistake as me and not to do it, first! My only regret in my student life is not having done Erasmus or having gone to study abroad for a few months or even a year.

However, I had the chance (even if in my eyes, luck happens!) to do my end-of-studies internship in.. Miami! And even if the US is clearly a world apart, it was an incredibly enriching experience.

Beyond having drastically improved my English, going abroad for several months during your studies is an adventure that I recommend to EVERYONE. And clearly, after living 2 years in Australia, I can only encourage you to consider this destination for your studies or your Erasmus.

Moreover, in many rankings, Australia is often in the top 3 of the best countries for foreign students. It is notably ranked 2nd in that of HospitalityInsight!

For Australian quality of life

If going Down Under is so popular, it is also and above all for the quality of life that reigns there, and the personal fulfillment that Australia and its inhabitants bring. It may seem “silly” to say, but the climate has a huge impact on morale. And going to work (or studying) every morning with a bright sun as was the case during my 5 months in Perth, it plays (if you hesitate about the city, I am clearly #TeamPerth, all that is in the article in question !)

But no matter the destination, life in Australia is more relaxed, laid back. “No worries mate! » The schedules are more flexible, the days shorter (therefore more free time).

This is the case for studies as well. The school programs are more flexible and you generally have a lot of freedom in defining your curriculum, options, disciplines, etc.

It leaves more free time to play sports, go to the beach, go eat waves pretending to “go surfing” (I speak from experience, it sounds cool to say that you are going to surf). In short, enjoy Australian life, even on weekdays!

Studying with the tourist visa (Tourist Visa)
Well, quite logically, you will be limited with this visa. You can study in Australia for a maximum of 3 months. But you cannot apply for enrollment in school courses or in universities as such. This visa is especially suitable for taking English courses or enrolling in a language school, which I talk about a little further down.

To apply for a tourist visa, you can go here.

The Working Holiday Visa to study in Australia?
Also called Working Holiday Visa (VVT) or Working Holiday Permit (PVT), this visa allows you to travel and work for a year in Australia. But it also allows you to study for up to 4 months in Australia. You can also do a professional internship with this visa.

Small parenthesis to, on the one hand, inform you that I wrote a complete article on the preparations to go on a PVT in Australia.

Well, it’s no longer a secret and it’s kind of one of the reasons for this blog. The PVT in Australia represents for me an exceptional opportunity to live an equally exceptional adventure. You can also renew it up to 2 times (and therefore stay 3 years in Australia).

However, it is not the most suitable visa for studies on the continent of Oceania. I’m coming.

Speaking of exceptional adventure, if you have ever thought of sharing it through a blog, this should interest you..!


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