Stranger Things is a ‘kids’s’ coming-of-age thriller

Stranger Things Debuted on Netflix screens in 2016, with a little one solid that gained over 1000’s of followers. But, since then, the youthful stars have grown up, and their characters have obtained new instructions and drama within the collection.

But with its fourth season premiere Stranger ThingsAnd the now-teenage solid, a query in a roundabout way answered by the collection and left up within the air: How previous are the characters and actors?


Millie Bobby Brown as Stranger Things at Eleven (Disclosure/Netflix)

Stranger Things already revealed that Eleven was born in 1971 and was 12 years previous within the 1st season of the collection which passed off in 1983. 15 after spending his first yr in highschool.

By comparability, the actress who performs Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, was 18 when the season premiered.

Mike Wheeler

Mike (Finn Wolfhard) in Stranger Things (Netflix Play)

Like Eleven, Mike was born in 1971, so Mike is 15 years previous within the timeline of the present’s fourth season. For comparability, Finn Wolfhard, the actor who performs Mike, was already 19 when the brand new episodes hit Netflix.

Will Byers

Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in Stranger Things

Among all the primary characters Stranger Things, Will Byers actually appears to be like just like the youngest of all of them. However, the Season 2 plot reveals that Will was born on March 2, 1971, the identical age as Mike and Eleven.

However, Noah Schnapp, who stars as Will, is the youngest of the unique solid and was 17 when the present’s new season aired.

Dustin Henderson

Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin in Stranger Things (Reproduction/Netflix)

Dustin Henderson, the identical age as his buddies Mike, Will, and Eleven, who is 15 in season 4 Stranger Things. However, its actor Gaten Matarazzo was already 19 years previous.

Lucas Sinclair

Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things

Although the collection by no means mentions Lucas’ start date or yr, the character seems to be across the identical age as his buddies and to be 16 years previous in season 4. Stranger Things.

However, behind the scenes of the collection, actor Caleb McLaughlin was already 20 years previous when season 4 premiered on Netflix.

Max Mayfield

Appeared within the 4th season of Max Stranger ThingsBut his actual age is not revealed within the collection. However, it is additionally assumed that Max was additionally born in 1971 and is 15 years previous in season 4.

Actress Sadie Sink, who performed Max Mayfield, was 20 years previous on the time of the premiere Stranger Things 4.

Erica Sinclair

Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley, Joe Carey as Steve Harington, Priya Ferguson as Erica Sinclair, Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things

One of the youngest characters within the group, Erica Sinclair was 10 years previous within the present’s third season. For comparability, throughout season 4, actress Priya Ferguson, 15, was one of many youngest within the solid.

Currently, all episodes of season 4 Stranger Things Now obtainable on Netflix. Streaming guarantees that the collection will obtain new episodes in 2024.

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