Stephen Curry ‘wants’ the Golden State Warriors to win with 43 points in Game 4

BOSTON – Stephen Curry does not show any emotion in the game throughout the game. But in the Golden State Warriors 107-97 win over Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Curry wore his heart on his arm all night.

Towards the end of the first quarter, after dropping a 3-point deficit, Curry rushed to the end of the courtroom and started yelling at Boston fans – which he does about once or twice after a major incident. shot, but usually from the first minutes.

“It feels like just letting everyone know we’re here tonight,” Curry said. “Whether it’s their team, their team, our team, everyone who wants to see power and fire, we eat.

Curry finished with 43 points in 14-of-26 shots, plus seven 3-pointers, adding 10 rebounds and four assists. He became the fifth goalkeeper in NBA history to score at least 40 points and 10 rebounds in the final.

“Amazing,” said Draymond Green. “Put it on his back. He allowed us to win. The victory that is most needed. The game we were supposed to have. He came out and showed why he is one of the best players who has never played this game, you know, why, you know, the team has managed him so well. It’s amazing. very much. “

Green said he knew Curry would not let the Warriors lose. Kerr called his game “amazing.” Klay Thompson was named Curry’s No. 1 Final action.

Curry did not take into account what he did, but said he understood the significance of what he did Friday night, especially in light of what was in danger. Friday’s game result could put the Warriors down 3-1 or build a series on two games each.

Curry confirmed it was the last one.

“It means that whatever speed bumps we had to have tonight to win on the road and stay alive on the list, return the opportunity to the home court and try to strengthen us,” Curry said.

Curry scored 33 points through the first three innings, which remained stable in the first three games. But his problem was in the fourth quarter, when he only got three points in 30% of the shot. He had scored only six points in Games 1, 2 and 3 combined.

On Friday, he scored 10 in the final frame. He had 24 points in the entire second half, tied the most in his career in the second half of the Finals game.

The fourth stage is when the Warriors, as a team, put the ropes on the Celtics. Golden State beat Boston 15-0 in a difficult time and became the first team in the last 50 years to win the final game by at least 10 points according to the rules just five minutes before the game.

“We helped each other, play together, play hard on the defensive side, and most importantly just shut up,” Wiggins said. “You know, not taking rebounds. There are no disappointing returns. I didn’t get a second chance. Then it was great.”

With just one minute to go and the Warriors rallied three, Green took the lead again when he missed Thompson 3-pointer. He handed it back to Curry but quickly returned the ball to the Celtics after throwing two teams to Curry. Green then threw the ball to Looney, who finished with a dunk at Al Horford.

Kerr called it the biggest bucket of the night. But Curry carried them until the gun turned into a sword.

“The things he does we take lightly from time to time,” Thompson said. “But to get there and put us on his back, I mean, we have to help him on Monday.”

Curry received help Friday from Thompson, who scored 18 points and dropped four 3-point points; Andrew Wiggins, who had 17 points and 16 rebounds; and Jordan Poole, who added 14 points. Kevon Looney, who left the bench for the first time in the series, had 11 rebounds and finished with an additional 21 points.

But Curry beat all Warriors 43-39 players. At 34, he is the biggest player to do so in the last game since Michael Jordan, 35, in Game 6 against Jazz in 1998.

Green struggled again, not putting his thumbs on the game until his return at the end of the fourth. Kerr also decided to pull Green into the game on a frustrating last minute.

As Thompson said, the Warriors know they need to help Curry out. But they do not say that they should do so by sharing in their responsibility for fishing.

“When a guy in a chair like that, you just walk away,” Thompson said.

Green added: “Just do your best to help him get to his place or open a place for him to make and get to his place. For us, we must keep filling up. You have shot, take it …. and wounds, then you go through your paperwork well, then you let him have it. the responsibility to do what he does. “

Green said he knew Curry would play with extra fire in Game 4, and said he could tell by looking at Curry’s performance in the days following their loss two days ago.

Curry said he entered Game 4 knowing he wanted to take over. He knows how fast the Finals can move quickly, and if he can let his team win in Boston, everything could be on their side.

“They’ll come out with this kind of fire,” Green said. “And he did, and we were all able to follow it.”


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