Stephen Curry of 43 Points Helps Golden State Beat Celtics in NBA Finals

BOSTON – For two days, Golden State player Draymond Green saw himself through teammate Stephen Curry. The fire that Curry plays with is not always visible to outsiders, but Green saw it grow inside.

Their team dropped to the NBA finals, 2-1, and Curry would not let them lose Game 4.

Friday night everyone else saw that emotion again.

After one of his two 3-pointers in the first quarter, Curry screamed in a crowd full of Boston Celtics fans who appeared early to attack him and his teammates. There was a long journey to go to the game, one of his best works, but he shouted to send a message.

“It feels like just letting everyone know we’re here tonight,” Curry said.

He added: “You may want the worst, you can indulge in a little bit of it, and everyone feels a little bit stressed, and it can go the other way. I wanted to try to expand this to start the game. “

On Friday night in front of a mob in Boston, Golden State shared the Celtics, 2-2, and also got a chance in the home court. Golden State wins, 107-97.

Curry scored 43 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, becoming the Warriors’ third-highest scorer with at least 40 points and 10 rebounds in the NBA final; Rick Barry did this in 1967, and Kevin Durant did in 2018. Curry, Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the only players aged 34 or over to score 40 or more in the NBA final.

As Golden State extended their lead in the final minutes of Game 4, Celtics fans began to leave. As Curry was on the free throw line with 19.1 seconds to start the game, the “MVP” sound was heard at the top of the pitch.

The series returns to San Francisco for Game 5 on Monday, followed by Game 6 in Boston on Thursday.

The crowd criticized the Golden State players, starting with their pre-season games.

When Klay Thompson appeared on the scene an hour before the match, a group of fans who were on the lower deck ridiculed him. He embraced them with his hands and encouraged them to raise their voices. Green appeared just minutes later and released a larger explosion of boos. Two nights earlier, Thompson had lashed out at the group for verbally abusing Green.

The Celtics team took part in the game with the desire to give back to the Golden State team that have repeatedly lost in this year’s playoffs. Before Friday’s game, Golden State won all five of the following games after the season.

But Boston understood the shocking catch that the 3-1 lead could have been on the best of the seven.

“We understand we have the opportunity to do something special, put a challenge tonight,” Celtics coach Ime Udoka said before the game.

The Celtics team gained confidence by the way they played the final game.

“We have to imitate what we did in Game 3,” Celtics keeper Marcus Smart said Thursday. “We have reduced our return. We reduced our second chance points, disappointing rebounds. We just improved the game, the game we want to play. “

Golden State changed their first list for the first time in Game 4, replacing Kevon Looney and Otto Porter Jr.

The playoffs this season have been a blast, with the Celtics playing a number of them, including all three finalists. Boston won Game 1 by 12 points, lost Game 2 and 19 and won Game 3 and 16.

But first, Game 4 showed promise that it could be a tough competition that could be fun to the end.

Jayson Tatum of Curry and Boston each scored 12 points in the first half.

“Everyone was affected tonight,” said Golden State Coach Steve Kerr. “Under 2-1, we had to come out with more frustration than we did in Game 3. So there was a whole bunch of violent and emotional gangs. That started right from the start.

“Steph obviously doesn’t show much emotion, but a night like tonight was a must.”

The first half ended with Tatum passing the ball in the paint to Robert Williams III, who shot Grant Williams in the corner of 3. Grant Williams’s 3 gave Boston 28-27 a lead in the second half.

By half, the lead had changed hands six times and goals had been scored five times.

It was Celtics guard Jaylen Brown to see in the second half. He scored 10 points and Boston outscored Golden State by nine points while in court at the time.

Boston had extended his lead slightly by half the time, to 54-49.

But Golden State cannot go quietly, especially without Curry. He had 33 points to enter the fourth round, earning 14 thirds.

The game was tied at 86 with eight minutes left.

Thompson picked up his fourth error with 5:33 left in the game. The crowd chanted an obscene song sung by Green on Game 3, but he changed “Draymond” and “Klay.” About a minute later, Thompson’s 3-pointer gave Golden State a 95-94 lead.

Boston scored just once in the final five minutes of the game.

There was a suspicion after Game 3 that Curry would be in Game 4 because he injured his foot in the pile while battling a loose ball. Curry took part in the shooting at Golden State Friday morning and was allowed to play.

After Curry’s performance on Friday night, the second most successful show in his career, the first question Kerr asked at a post-match press conference was in vain as he thought Curry’s foot was up. Kerr laughed.

“I think he was struggling there,” Kerr said. “She’s really upset.”

Thompson was also interviewed about Curry when he first took over the sports podium.

“That person’s heart is amazing,” Thompson said. “You know, the things he does we always feel light, but to get there and put him on his back, I mean, we have to help him on Monday. Oh. “

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