Stephen Curry leading the Warriors to another NBA title could spark new GOAT controversy

SAN FRANCISCO – The Golden State Warriors are approaching the fourth NBA tournament. Which means Stephen Curry is closing in on something very interesting: LeBron James’ legacy, and the amazing spoils that come with such a chase.

Because even though they don’t hold LeBron – and possibly – Curry is in a good position this month to name names like Kobe, Durant, Bird, Magic and Wilt on the best all-time list.

During the eight years of Warriors’ reign, Curry has been a charm and supporter of his team. Under his incredible but constant success, a good ride of success and celebration has emerged for him.

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have emerged as confirmed Hall of Fame players. Steve Kerr has gone from being a failed general manager and a TV expert to being promoted as, in fact, one of the 15 most influential coaches in the history of the game. Andrew Wiggins has kept his promise. Jordan Poole has left the G League hoping to become his third brother. And so on.

Curry recommended both. His greatness has brought the ring, the legacy, the wealth, the new court and even one of the biggest ever, Kevin Durant, to the organization that before Curry’s arrival and rise was among the most difficult in American sports history.

Heck, nowadays Curry is promoting more minutes of radio video than game minutes.

Now, only the Celtics prevent him from getting as many rings as LeBron, which is required suddenly the awakening of how we think we understand this basketball season and those who led it.

We’ve been looking at LeBron vs. We for a long time. Jordan that we missed the point that part of The King’s current crown could be heard on the beach – especially in the summer.

In the past, the media and the awakening of fans to Steph’s growing legacy have encouraged discussion as to whether they can bypass LeBron’s suspension from the list of full-time dignitaries, and for good reason.

That is, after all, a barometer of how we measure magnitude today. What Steph did well for LeBron in the three lists is no longer painful.

And when LeBron weapons and organization Lakers helped bring in unnecessary items, Steph could enter the next season well as a bettor to win it all again. There is no doubt that we are on track to achieve what we see Steph one day resting with more competition than LeBron.

That’s why Steph’s conversation — it could be — better — LeBron is not crazy. Steph is the greatest shooter in the history of the game – the biggest, in fact, he changed the NBA and changed his history like Wilt, or Bird-Magic, or Jordan. The game focuses on shooting 3 points and free play starts at Curry.

He defined, and changed, the seasons.

Regular size is an exciting part of competing interests: Personal achievement, certainty, and team success. And luckily. And the stories that make up the way we look – and remember – the missing stars.

Steph has a say in both groups.

His personal resume is amazing: Two MVPs (one second). Three highly photographed photos. 47.3 percent shooting from the field, 42.8 from 3 and 90.8 from the line. One of only 11 players to take the 50-40-90 season. And so on.

The team’s success with Curry can no longer be denied. There are three rings and counting, yes, and a run for six NBA Finals in eight years. Kobe Bryant has never done that. Also Tim Duncan. LeBron reached eight in a row, but was unable to do so with the same team. Only Steph, in this century, has been able to keep up the pace.

He also, as mentioned, turned some players into candidates in the Hall of Fame. Jordan did this, perhaps, but it’s hard to say the same to LeBron. This, too, is important, although difficult to measure or validate.

And as a better shooter than ever, as well as someone who has never missed a team and a team, his descriptive game is in jeopardy. This is the guy Durant had to join, not the other way around. And yet Curry, who was the MVP at the time, welcomed Durant to the team by giving himself his own light – and the shots, compliments and credits that went with it. Everyone says team and success comes first. Curry did this in a humble way.

No adult has ever done this in his youth. This, too, is easy to look at in the past but to be considered in any GOAT dispute.

This is a big part of why Curry is a top player, historically, for Durant. Durant needs Curry to win titles. Curry is about to prove, he, for sure, did not want Durant. This – combined with the actual calculation of what Steph took Durant down at Golden State, as described by NBA secretary Tom Haberstroh – elevates Curry more than Durant.

There is no Golden State Warriors as we know them without Steph. And without Steph, Durant could have had as many rings as James Harden or Russell Westbrook.

Controversy over Steph vs. At this point it is the warming of one of Steph vs. LeBron. Steph, according to NBA standards, is not a runner. He’s not a marvel of the physical universe – not like MJ, or LeBron, or Kareem, or Wilt, or Shaq, or Magic, or almost all the other well-known characters who look like the Avengers higher than the runners.

It’s part of how, even here, many missed Steph’s greatness. He often overlooks the way his professionals work seamlessly with their teammates, elevating them, making them better, placing them in places to get the best colors for their basketball.

The only real place Curry makes for teammates – the gravitational pull they have on defense, and all they do for anyone who has a chance to play with them – is hard to measure but impossible to miss. It’s a game changer, really, the moment they just catch a ball or pass half the field.

However LeBron is, LeBron. He is about to end his career as the leading scorer in the game. LeBron is already seventh on the regular support list. He’s been chasing, and chasing down, Jordan for a reason. It’s amazing, and this Steph’s lead does not change this, even if it closes the gap.

As we always do, Steph Curry’s story delights him and misses the big, modern point. Curry is coming to LeBron’s legacy, real and exciting, yet it probably ends with LeBron ahead when they all leave.

But that is not what is here, even today.

Here it is: What we are talking about means that if Steph can lead Golden State to a fourth-place finish starting on Thursday, he will reduce the gap between him and LeBron so that he and other well-known players could have. successful.

Names like Kobe. Duncan. Time Birds. Magical.

Another chapter, and Steph and the Warriors show that all that led to this was Steph Curry. Not Durant and the two roles he contributed, even his most obvious contributions. Not Kyrie Irving leaving Cleveland. Just making history for the game, as well as the future of his team, using his rare, amazing gifts.

Another topic, and the biggest constant controversy looks like this:

  1. Jordan

  2. LeBron

  3. Kareem

  4. Shaq

  5. Steph

Did Steph eventually get past LeBron? Probably, but it is not possible.

But he has beaten the Celtics, and he has started it himself more than any of his shotgun licenses.

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