Stephen A. Smith amplifies Kevin Durant’s most recent debates

There is an incident in “The Wire” where Detective Carver, speaking to his colleagues about the War on Drugs, says you will not call it a war because “the war is over.”

Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Durant have reached a similar level in their previous years and future.

The fight began when Smith, on ESPN’s “First Take” earlier this week, said Michael Jordan was the one who changed basketball for the worse because he was “so amazing that the NBA sold a man,” which led to the game change. be “independent – because people want to be like Mike.”

On the panned clip.

“My opinion is that guys like Steve, Skip [Bayless] and Shannon [Sharpe] they have changed the game for the worse. He plays like Stephen [Curry] and Michael can push the game forward, ”Durant said tweeted.

On Friday’s “First Capture,” Smith returned after Durant. First, Smith stated that, like Stephon Marbury, with whom he recently reunited, Durant’s press team has asked him to appear in basketball publications. Why not seek out her ideas if they are relevant?

Stephen A. Smith also responded to the Twitter barb from Kevin Durant.
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Kevin Durant on the Nets' first list against the Celtics
Kevin Durant on the Nets’ first list against the Celtics
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“I’m very polite because I love Kevin Durant. I think he ‘s the best player in the world when he’ s healthy and I think he ‘s a very good person. , “said Smith. “Nothing he can say to me would make me attack him. I think he’s an amazing player, future Hall of Famer, champion, NV Finals MVP twice. I’ll have love for him no matter what.

“What I feel I need to answer this question is where did it come from? When I approached KD he did not want to answer that question and it is his responsibility and what he and I share with our work. But let me tell you – what I did say was that Michael Jordan was so amazing that people were just looking at advertising and promoting someone more than the team and that didn’t really help basketball at a certain level because so many. , we have often regretted the lack of a basketball team. That’s all I try to say. There is no more. I do not understand where it came from.

Smith changed to “The Wolf of Wall Street” saying he was not leaving.

“But I tell you this, brothers and sisters, you have to deal with it, because as I said yesterday on Twitter and I would say on national television, Stephen A. Smiths of the world is not going anywhere,” he said. “Here I am now, and there will be hundreds if not thousands that will follow. These guys don’t want to talk, they don’t want to answer and who the hell are we going to tell them everything. So watch this game and close the hell and enjoy their greatness and make sure they get their money paid without any comment. You want to correct bad news all the time. You’re not doing that. You can not remove us. We are here and we will be here.

“Leave because we are not going anywhere. I’m not talking about me especially as an individual. Speaking of the team, me, Kendrick Perkins, Ryan Clark, Swagu [Marcus Spears], [Dan] Orlovsky and everyone in between – with Tim Legler, JJ Redick and all the other guys, we are not going anywhere. And the last point … I said this over and over for players, because I have so many cats in the NBA, NFL and beyond the top games I love. I have it on speed dial, found me on speed dial. We talk all the time.

They know I’m not talking about them. But for them like Kevin Durant or Kyrie [Irving] or someone who does not want to talk, please remember something: I am paid to talk about you. I am not paid to speak with you. I don’t need to talk to any of you in life anymore and I still do my job – look at what I see and respond to. That’s what I have to do. Remember that, when you actually do, because when you have projects that you want to push forward, you have invited me to participate. It wasn’t the other way around. I ‘ll quit it.’

The two have been at loggerheads since 2015 when Smith linked Durant with the Lakers, Durant called him a liar and accused him of making headlines. Smith responded by threatening not to “make me an enemy.”

Friday’s betting would be the last Durant and Smith mix would be the worst bet.


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