Steph Curry’s defense protects Warriors’ Game 1 against Grizzlies

After scoring 11 points in the fourth quarter, leading his Grizzlies back which eliminated the Warriors’ 10-minute lead, Ja Morant went into the lead with 21 seconds left, looking for the winner in the game.

He had 34 points. Who is the One who will stop him? With Draymond Green not found out after the second quarter, it was up to Gary Payton II, the first line of Golden State defense against Ja, to try to keep the game going.

Instead, Payton II became an assistant, when a well-known friend came to the rescue.

Stephen Curry – a kidney protector during a difficult time.

Curry fired a Morant shot with 19.8 seconds remaining and the Warriors went on to win 117-116 in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals in Memphis.

“That was Steph’s defensive play as Ja went,” said coach Steve Kerr. “He caught fire in the fourth quarter and played a lot of games. Steph’s best game.”

Curry got the chance to make such a play.

Morant used a screen from teammate Dillon Brooks to shake Payton II and find Steph – a weak defender – on the switch. This is what Morant wanted. He probably wouldn’t have known that Curry wanted this, too, so bad that he pushed Brooks aside to make sure he was the only one on Morant.

Morant ran to the left side of the key, got into Curry’s chest and flew away, but his shot was blocked by Curry, the Warriors coming with a loose ball. Memphis did not score again. His last shot, Morant’s desperate chase, landed on the back of the buzzer.

“It was a great game,” Curry said. “(Ja) passed. He was going to try to force the kidneys. I just tried to do my part and act out the drama.”

There was every reason for Morant and his teammates, who are thriving on kidney transplantation, to believe they can take advantage of Green, the defending Golden State defender, who was released in the second quarter after being tested by the evil Flagrant 2. Grizzlies actor Brandon Clarke. The Warriors resisted the invitation, as did various NBA players on television, but the truth is that Green stayed in the second half in the locker room.

While Green was bathing and dressing, an amazing thing happened. The Warriors played a little better defense in the second half than in the first. He had to do so, especially if he had a chance to win.

With the exception of Jaren Jackson Jr., who scored 19 of his 33 points in the second half, the Grizzlies had a low shot of 40.0 percent after half.

Klay Thompson defended himself, stealing twice and playing a key role in reducing Grizzlies’ top scorer Desmond Bane to three points in the second half. Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga and Gary Payton II passed Kyle Anderson, Jackson and Clarke.

After breaking the glass in the first half (20-13), the Warriors defeated Memphis 38-27 in the last three, including 15-9 in the fourth.

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No one showed better Warriors zeal than Curry. He scored 24 points, but his defense was what helped him win.

This was Curry’s third block in six games after this season, and the most important one. He tends to do annoying things, often scoring, but his safety is sometimes surprising.

“Steph has been defending himself for a long time,” Kerr said. “But I think this was a very good season to defend himself in his career. We saw that throughout the year. His ability to be forward, to put his hand on a steady ball or to shoot or kick long.”

This was Curry – All-Star seven times, MVP twice, shooter extraordinaire – making his own self-defense show. He also vowed to do so, especially if the game is in jeopardy.

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