Steph Curry, Draymond Green used to be ridiculed by Grizzlies fans

At the end of the Memphis Grizzlies’ total defeat, you would think the Golden State Warriors would be frustrated and would not want to smile or have fun. They were about to lose 134-95, giving the Grizzlies a new life instead of winning their fourth game to end the series.

But instead, as the game neared the fourth quarter and the Grizzlies crowd mocked them with the song “Whoop That Trick”, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green didn’t look miserable. Curry began to shake his head at the moment with the song, and Green stood up and shook the towel softly.

Although he endured the worst loss of any team in all 2022 games and was directly criticized by the crowd, Curry and Green were … enjoying the atmosphere?

If you have questions like “Why?” or “How?” or “Come on, are you serious?” which is why he was able to push the loss aside and enjoy the team.

Curry tried to use the ‘Whoop that Trick’ against the Grizzlies

“Whoop that Trick,” a song by rapper and native Memphis Al Kapone, is a Grizzlies song, often played near the end of a game. But before the game Wednesday, Curry tried to use the Grizzlies’ words against them.

When ESPN’s Kendra Andrews asked Curry what the Warriors’ plans were for their next game, here is how they responded:

“Wuuu that shit. That’s our game plan.”

These were fighting words – words that many Grizzles fans knew when they came to FedExForum to watch the game.

Curry, Green makes lemons out of sour lemons

Curry knew that using Grizzlies’ vocals was dangerous, and that the song “Whoop That Trick” was directed at him. But he began to shake his head at the song, and then stood next to Green’s handkerchief with a smile on his face. When Green really danced, Curry just smiled, even though Al Kapone – who was on the show and on the mic – shouted “In your face, Steph Curry!”

After the game, Curry and Green shared what inspired them to enjoy the atmosphere instead of just worrying about their loss.

“That’s the best. That’s what all this back-and-forth about the benefits of home court and hostility and you all agree,” Curry said. “It’s fun. When you are beaten, you have to find fun in it.”

Green was very appreciative of the majority of the game, realizing that the Warriors were knocked out and should have.

“It’s not just the deception, we will go together if we commit that deception. The one thing I do not respect is the people who just bring it when they win, hug the hosts when they win. Success, we call them leaders, we are not leaders.

“We’ve been pushed by our **, and there’s no problem. It happens. […] When you spit it out, you have to be willing to take it and not hide from it, not duck for it, not run away from it, hug it. So I appreciated the crowd tonight, the power that they brought to the game. If they want to do that trick, we will stay together. “

That’s a concept we rarely see in the NBA (or any game, really), especially in playoff games, and it was great to see players rejoice, even within the loss of 39 points. But this raises an important question: Would Curry and Green be happier if they weren’t? 3-2, if the series was built or the Grizzlies would have progressed? Absolutely not 100 percent no, of course, completely, no.

But it is about the same nature to worry about. In this, the Warriors will get another chance to win 6 games on Friday night, and the Grizzlies will dig deep to try even a 3-3 series and force 7 games.

The Warriors lost Game 5 for the Grizzlies by 39 points, but Draymond Green and Steph Curry were able to get into the fun when the Grizzlies fans mocked them. (Photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

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