Steph Curry confirms that Richard Jefferson is at fault with the regular Game 4 system

Following two to one games in the NBA Finals and facing a huge task of trying to beat the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden venue on Friday night, the Warriors knew they had to call up one of the best things they could do in their top flight. to even the best list of the seven.

While not a very impressive victory, the Warriors managed to win 107-97 against the Celtics, thanks to a 43-point, 10-point lead over Steph Curry.

Not many points were made by Curry in the NBA Finals (47 against the Toronto Raptors in 2019) but the Warriors needed every point from the NBA’s leading expert on a regular basis. Playing on the injured left foot, Curry fired 14-of-26 off the field and 7-of-14 from the 3-point range.

With Draymond Green settling in great funk and Klay Thompson not hitting all the cylinders, Curry wanted the Warriors to win a season-saving win, hitting several shots in the second half.

A few hours before the Warriors and Boston set to leave Boston on Friday, ESPN’s “NBA Today” team is back for the most successful NBA Finals Game 4 game ever played, the list being Cel if someone from Golden State or Boston could interfere. .

The discussion was reinforced by an article from Kevin Pelton of ESPN, who selected the best Game 4 systems based on the position.

When host Malika Andrews interviewed experts Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson who had the best chance of writing a full-time game in Game 4, they did not choose Curry.

Perkins: “Jayson Tatum. This is Jayson Tatum’s time right now. There has never been a popular ‘I’m the best player on the floor’ moment. The conversation has been Steph or the interview has been Jaylen Brown. I don’t care about Jayson Tatum going there and finding 25 or 30. I want to see one of the 40 pieces tonight and I think he has it.

Jefferson: “I don’t think anyone. I don’t think everyone has a chance to participate in this series. I’m not Debbie Downer. I just looked at that list, Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar], [Charles] Barkley, [Michael Jordan]… “

ESPN NBA Expert Zach Lowe: “You know Steph Curry is playing this game, don’t you?”

Jefferson: “I don’t think everyone is lucky. We’ll see if I’m wrong. We’ll see on Monday.”

Pelton broke his list with his title and has Magic Johnson’s 1987 Game 4 game against the Celtics as the best defensive point-protected game. In this game, Magic finished with 29 points, eight rebounds and five assists. He went 12-of-20 off the field and did not try 3-pointer. Not the visible line, but for Pelton, it was a one-minute signing with Magic on the list.

With the Lakers down 106-105 with seven seconds to go, Johnson took the pass, crossing the street with All-Defensive team member Kevin McHale on him and hitting the hook – called “junior, junior sky hoook.” – with two seconds left to give Los Angeles victory 107-106 and a three-game lead is one.

Did Curry do enough to remove the magic from the list? This is contradictory but in real terms, a strong case could be made that the NBA Finals Game MVP now has the most impressive NBA Finals Game 4 game ever with a point guard.

If you consider Curry to be a shot guard, he is not dropping Jordan on the list after MJ dropped 55 points in a 21-37 shot in the Chicago Bulls’ 1993 Game 4 victory over the Phoenix Suns.

CONCLUSION: Curry’s NBA Finals’ performance over the years leaves his teammates in awe

As for Tatum – Perkins ‘pick – he went 8 of 23 off the field and finished with 23 points and 11 rebounds in the Celtics’ loss.

It was Curry who had the task of remembering, proving Jefferson – and Perkins to some degree – wrong.

If there is anything we have learned during Curry’s time, then it is a reason to lose the bet against him.

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