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Parnambuco Court of Justice (TJPE) has developed the state with the purpose of offering group coexistence and / or materials or skilled help to children and adolescents who’re being raised with out the risk of returning to their household of beginning and with none risk of adoption. Sponsorship program. Currently, the firm has 13 distributions in some counties, equivalent to Recife, Cabo de Santo Augustinho, Vittoria de Santo Anto, Palmaris and Petrolina.

“Welcoming sponsorship is essential in the lives of children and adolescents, as a result of it supplies a socialization that isn’t supplied by the group; It’s about the alternative to be in the household and in the group, “defined Mirella Torres, a psychologist at the help nucleus of the State Judicial Adoption Commission (CJA-PE). According to him, the group of the group stories on the self-esteem, habits and college efficiency enchancment of the children and adolescents taking part in the initiative.

The sponsorship sponsored by TJPE goals to achieve children and adolescents of all ages, along with children and adolescents of any age. Sponsorship doesn’t create a authorized bond between Godmother / Godfather and Godmother or Godson and could also be of the efficient kind; Financial or supplier; Financial or institutional suppliers; And skilled or volunteer.

The Godmother / Effective Godfather visits children or adolescents commonly, is ready to spend weekends, holidays or college holidays, supplies a social and emotional expertise by way of group coexistence. On the different hand, monetary or donor materials or monetary help is supplied by way of materials donations that meet the wants of the Goddard or by way of month-to-month monetary grants, college bills, tutoring, well being care funding, skilled coaching, sports activities. , Among different actions.

Sponsors / monetary sponsors or institutional suppliers present one-time or periodic monetary help to a bunch group. This permits entities to buy gear and / or different supplies wanted to look after children and adolescents. In skilled or voluntary sponsorship, people voluntarily present their work to satisfy the wants of children and adolescents in institutional care.

Marcílio Lopes and Andréia Cabral sponsored an adolescent about six months in the past and discuss just a little about their experiences. “I labored as a social educator at the Casa da Madalena Faster Home and the teenager, who’s now our Godson, at all times tells me to be his godfather. When I went to work elsewhere, I talked to my spouse and we began a passionate sponsorship course of, “mentioned Marcello.” It’s fantastic to be an emotional Godfather. “, He mentioned.

To take part in the TJPE Sponsorship Program, you have to be over 18 years of age, display ethical integrity, and seem in your metropolis’s juvenile and youth courtroom to be enrolled in the program. Financial / supplier and skilled / volunteer sponsorships will also be made by a authorized entity. If the individual serious about taking part in the initiative doesn’t have a sponsorship program in the district, she or he could apply for a sponsorship by way of the Pernambuco that Acolhe Program provided by CEJA-PE. In this case, you want to fill out the on-line registration kind obtainable on the TJPE web site. The technical group from the State Judicial Adoption Commission will contact you to schedule interviews and different procedures essential to implement the sponsorship.

Check if the metropolis the place you reside has its personal sponsorship program.

Recife – Estrella Guia
The second courtroom of childhood and youth in the capital
Integrated Center for Children and Adolescents
Rua João Fernandes Vieira, 405, Boa Vista
Telephone: (81) 3181.5962 / 5904

Olinda – Olinda’s angel
Olinda District Children and Youth Court
Lourenço Jose Barreto Forum
Avenida Pan Nordestina, s / n, km 4, Salgadinho / Vila Popular
Telephone: (81) 3182.2681 / 2682

Paulista – Trust me
Palestine Child and Youth Court
Forum Dr. Iraza de Almeida Lins
Rua Senador Salgado Filho, s / n, Downtown
Phone: (81) 3181.9021 / 9019

Abreu e Lima – Godfather of the Heart
Abreu e Lima District third Civil Court
Antonio Camarotti Servant Forum
Avenida da Assembleia, 514, Timbo
Telephone: (81) 3181.9365 / 9363

Jaboatão dos Guararapes – Guardian angel
Jaboatão dos Guararapes District Child and Youth Court
Forum des. Henrique Capitolino
Highway BR-101 South, 80 km (in entrance of Fábrica Nestle), Prazeres
Telephone: (81) 3182.6887 / 6888

Cabo de Santo Agostinho – Lighthouse
2nd Parikrama Regional Court for Children and Youth
Forum Dr. Humberto da Costa Suarez
Avenida President Getulio Vargas, 482, Centro
Telephone: (81) 3181.9255

Vitória de Santo Antão – Hand that cares
4th Circumcision Regional Court for Children and Youth
Vitoria Plaza Building
Rua Melo Verçosa, 350, 1st flooring, Matriz
Phone: (81) 3526.8504 / 8501

Palmeres – bonds of affection
Regional Court for Children and Youth sixth Circulation
Professor Annibal Bruno of the Palmars Forum
Dom Acácio Rodrigues Alves Subdivision, Quilombo II
Phone: (81) 3662.0157 / 0166

Caruaru – Project Bonding: Untie the knot, construct relationships
Regional Court seventh Circuit for Children and Youth
Forum Judge Demóstenes Batista Veras
Avenida Jose Florencio Filho, Mauricio de Nassau
Phone: (81) 3725.7463

Best Talhada – Family Friend
Regional Court for Children and Youth of the twentieth Circle
Forum Dr. Claudoaldo Bejera de Souza e Silva
Rua Cabo Joachim da Mata, S / N, Tancredo Neves
Telephone: (87) 3929.3586 / 3574/3593

Willow – Building Link
2nd Civil Court of the Salguiro Region
Forum Cornelius de Barros Muniz e sa
Rua Manoel Francisco Santiago, 300, Augusto Alencar Sampaio
Telephone: (87) 3871.8779 / 8787

Petrolina – Citizens Welcome
Regional Court 18th Circuit for Children and Youth
Forum Dr. Manuel Souza Philho
Santos Dumont Square, s / n, heart
Telephone: (87) 3866.9779 / 9773/9781

Ceja / PE – Welcome to Pernambuco
State Judicial Adoption Commission (Ceja-PE)
Integrated Center for Children and Adolescents
Rua João Fernandes Vieira, 405, Boa Vista
Telephone: (81) 3181.5953

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